How to make a Guest Room Comfortable

Making a Guest Room Comfortable

How to make a Guest Room Comfortable

Hi everyone!

Since we relocated, we have been very fortunate to have friends and family visit us for weekends and holidays. Today I am sharing a few of the things that I do to make our guest room feel special and comfortable.

When preparing a room for our guests, it is important to me that things are as convenient  for our company as I can make them. The style of our home is very casual, and not the style for everyone, but the little things that I do In the guest room can be used with any style of decor or size of room.

Here is a is a look at our space and how I make our loved ones feel like they are special.

 I start with the bed:

How to make a Guest Room Comfortable

In my opinion, bedding is one of the most important components in making guests feel at home.

I love to use crisp white cotton sheets and lots of pillows to accommodate preferences. And I use blankets and quilts mixed with duvets to offer different weights of covers. Some folks like a lot of covers and some folks don’t. Some folks like fluffy pillows, some folks don’t.

And I find that bedding doesn’t have to be super expensive to add comfort.

How to make a Guest Room Comfortable

Next to the bed, I have a nightstand on both sides so that couples staying with us have their own space for personal items.

I use the largest of the two to keep some items on hand like reading materials and a water carafe & glass.

I also like to have fresh flowers or seasonal greens by the bed. Some people really enjoy the added touch of fresh flowers and if you are able, gathering them from around the yard is a special touch.

How to make a Guest Room Comfortable

I also have a chair for sitting and a cashmere throw for snuggling on cool nights.

Having a chair in the room is helpful to older guests and moms with babies.

How to make a Guest Room Comfortable

A  laundry basket, a luggage rack, & a night light all help to make the room functional and cozy for our friends and family.

I also make sure that at least one outlet is available and within reach for charging phones and iPads.

How to make a Guest Room Comfortable

I keep a stack of fresh towels in the room so no one has to go searching for them, and I stock the bathroom with items I think they may need like shampoos, lotions and toothbrushes.

People really appreciate being able to find a toiletry they may have left at home. You know you always forget something.

How to make a Guest Room Comfortable

How to make a Guest Room Comfortable

A place for guests to put their things is a thoughtful touch.

Some room in a closet or a few drawers will do.

How to make a Guest Room Comfortable

Visiting can be exhausting, with the traveling, sightseeing and general excitement. Having a T.V. in the room is a convenience for guests who may want to go to bed early and watch a movie, or even for those who want to get up early to watch the news without feeling like they are waking up anyone else.

Just another touch that will help them feel like they are at home.

How to make a Guest Room Comfortable

After making sure the quest space is comfortable, I like to leave some kind of special gift in the room to let my company know just how much we appreciate them making the trip to visit us.

I have put together seasonal gift baskets of different sizes, some with things to relax and some with local treats, and sometimes just a small little something to show some love.






36 thoughts on “Making a Guest Room Comfortable

  1. Hi Karen, your guest room is very inviting and look great!!
    I wanted to stop by and let you know that your post has been Featured as part of our Oh My Heartsie Girls Wordless Wednesday.
    Hope you will join us and Linkup, in progress!!
    Have a great week, Karren

  2. Some really great ideas here…………
    Your guest room looks nice and cozy and I am sure everyone must feel very welcome………..

    blessings, Nellie

    1. Thanks Nellie! I appreciate you stopping by and hope that you will come back on Mondays and join us for the Something to Talk About link party!

  3. Does this post come with a formal invitation?! haha What a thoughtful treat for your guests .! … I’ve thought about adding a TV, but Hubby thinks if we make it toooo comfortable, people will stay too long … but I think he’s mostly talking about our teenagers! 😉

  4. My goodness! What a treat to stay at your home….just beautiful! I love the idea of the gift basket too. Will definitely do that with our next house guest.

  5. Only in the last year did I move into an apartment with an extra bedroom, so I thought I was doing well by having a guest bed (instead of an air mattress) and some extra toiletries in the guest bathroom. I’ll definitely have to up my guest room game…someday, haha. This looks like it could be a little bed and breakfast – your guests probably never want to leave!
    CakePants recently posted…Pesto Hummus Veggie SandwichesMy Profile

    1. Haha! Thanks so much!
      I really enjoy making the room as nice as I can. I even thought about adding a comment card for feedback…just kidding, buts it’s a good idea! Ha!

    1. Thanks Courtney! It’s so sweet of you to stop by and comment!
      I hope you will stop back by and join us for our Something to Takk About link party that starts Monday morning :)

  6. I just love your guest bedroom, the decor and how you’ve made it quite welcoming! I will be featuring your post in this week’s Home and Garden Thursday,

  7. Karen,
    Gorgeous Guest Room, dear one!!!
    I adore the tranquil color palette!!!
    With all the layers of bedding, this appears to be a “heavenly” rest!
    Visiting from Rustic & Refined!!!

  8. Looks lovely. I concur with the small gift. I make it a habit to have something for everyone that visits – even the smallest of convenience or notable of the area. It is always appreciated and I think it helps to instantly relax the visitor who is likely stressed from all the travel.

  9. I have slept there and it’s fabulous! When you mentioned the chair for older folks. … weren’t referring to me?……were you?;)

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