Bridal Shower Season: Ideas and tips for the Hostess.


 It’s Bridal Shower Season Y’all!

 Today I’m sharing a few low cost ideas (and some tips) that I used for a Bridal Shower I hosted for my dear friend Molly.

When I planned this party,  I wanted to hand-make most of the decor so that it would feel special and personal to her. I didn’t want to go the store bought route and I wanted to put it together on a budget, so here is what I did:


I wanted something to greet the guests when they came in the door, because being a hostess can keep you too busy to greet everyone. To do this, I used my trusty stencils and a chalkboard to create a warm welcome.

 My tip for stenciling with chalk, is to stencil the text and then use a small paint brush to remove the chalk dust from the board for a clean look. My friend lightly wets her chalk, you can try that too.


Food & Drinks

Although Molly is not a “girlie girl” she does like a vintage look, so I set up a “Garden Party” themed food table with a touch of vintage.

To put together the table I didn’t buy anything new, I just shopped the house and used what was on hand. I styled it with garden theme items and I displayed it all on top of an heirloom lace table topper. A presentation appropriate for the time of year, with a vintage flavor. Feminine but not over the top.

My tip here is to shop your local dollar store for your paper plates and napkins. They have pretty colors to choose from and it will save you some money.


For the beverages, I created a drink station using an old dresser. This was so simple to do and it’s a big space saver for your food table if you can place your drinks elsewhere.

Mason jars were used as glasses, I tied them with pink ribbon and I used white ribbon on one of the jars for the bride-to-be.

In addition to the lemonade dispenser, bottled drinks were kept on ice in a galvanized tub. These tubs are an excellent, thrifty way to keep drinks cold and on hand for guests.

  A stenciled banner made with pink construction paper and hung with twine tops it all off.



Party Favors

Party favors are just good manners. Your guests took the time out of their schedule to attend (as well as spent money on a gift) so it’s only polite to have a small token of appreciation to give them.

Depending on this size of your shower, this can get expensive. For party favors that weren’t budget busters (or something that would just get thrown away) what we did was make “No Bake Cheese Cake in a Jar” for the ladies.

I bought a case of the mini mason jars from Amazon (using my Amex points, so they were free) and used a simple recipe for the cheesecake. They were super easy and can be made days before. For a finishing touch,  I wrapped the jars with raffia and used my stencils (they were getting a work out!)  for a sign that I put in an old frame freshened up with spray paint.

They were adorable and a big hit.



I kept this minimal. You can either use the colors that will be in the wedding, or use something entirely different, which is what I did.

As you can tell, I used pink in small touches throughout the house. For the main room,  I just cut a handmade Paper Heart Garland out of  3 different colors of construction paper and hung it with twine. 

Sweet, simple & inexpensive.


Party Games

What’s a Bridal Shower with out games? I know…this is an eye roller for most people. Well, I didn’t want one of those old fashioned, toilet paper wedding dress type activities for this party, so I created my own game loosely based on what I saw when I looked up “Bridal Shower Games”.

I cut out Lips & mustaches to match the number of guests (one set each) and glued them onto bamboo skewers. You can actually buy these now, but at the time it seemed like a good idea to cut them out of red and black construction paper. It does take some time to do this, if you’re too busy you may want to go ahead and spend the $15 or so on Etsy.

(I used floral Styrofoam covered in Spanish moss to stand them in this planter)

Super cute.


For the game, I separately asked the bride & groom to-be (ahead of time) the same questions about themselves.

To play the game at the shower, I read some of the questions with one of the answers to the ladies and they chose “Who Said It”  by holding up lips for the bride or a mustache for the groom. The lady that guessed the most correctly won a prize.

This was a fun, quick game that everyone participated in before the gift opening. You don’t have to play shower games, but keep in mind that you have about 2 hours to fill and keep folks entertained.


For The Bride-to-be

I had a tiara for Molly to wear for her special party, and although she didn’t like it, she was a good sport and wore it for a few minutes. I would have worn that thing all day y’all!

I also had a special note pad on hand to record the gifts as she opened them. My tip is to give this job to the Maid-of-Honor or someone else in the wedding party if she wasn’t able to attend. You will be way too busy to do it.



Thank you cards

This is such a busy time for your bride, and later she is going to have to sit down and thank all her guests for coming. To help her with her thank you cards you can turn it into a game.

Here’s how;

Buy or have the Guest of Honor bring her preferred Thank You cards with her to the shower (you really only need the envelopes). I bought them for Molly so she would have one less thing on her to-do list. My personal tip for thank you cards is to order them from Shutterfly. They have tons of great Thank You cards to choose from that can be personalized to suite your needs, whatever your bride’s style.

When the guests arrive, have each one self address a stamped envelope and put it in a jar or basket for a drawing. When everyone has completed an envelope, draw one for a prize. We love prizes!

Then give the bride-to-be all the envelopes to take home. When the thank you cards are written, the bride will already have the envelopes addressed, saving her tons of time.



And there you have it.

 My simple and budget friendly ways to create a warm environment that will help your bride and her loved ones enjoy themselves and relax (one last time) before the big day.



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