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Happy Tuesday friends!

I hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weekend! Our weather here was finally good enough for my husband and I to get out and work on a little project and I am sharing the beginnings of it with y’all today.

I had previously mentioned that we had a 4 person patio table on the side patio and needed something a bit bigger. Well, I shopped around and the prices were discouraging. I was not interested in spending $600 to $1000 for a table and 6 chairs, so we decided to go ahead and build one.

These are not glamorous shots folks. The table still needs to be stained and some small details (like covering the leg screws) need to be done , but it will give you a first look at what you can build for around $100 and just a few hours of your time.



If if you follow me on Instagram, you know that I sanded ALL this wood myself…by  hand…because my husband said “That’s how the Amish do it”. Um, ok.

Last Spring my husband built a kitchen table for me, so we had a little bit of practice for making this one. It was actually pretty easy and for the style,  we pretty closely followed the steps in Anna White’s post here . The only real change we made, was to replace the initial screws holding the legs on to bolts, after the legs fell off when I tried to move it.



BTW, I  needed new chairs for this table, so I bought all 6 of these for $120 at Big Lots.

I’m really happy with them and I love that they don’t need cushions. I could have done all 6 the same but I like the mixed look. What do you think?




You can see the finished, stained table here.

21 thoughts on “DIY Patio Table

  1. Your table looks great! Yes, it needs to final touch, but I am impressed that with a little elbow grease you and your husband were able to make this! I wish my husband would do things like this with me. Excited that your guest co-hosting on Pretty Pintastic tomorrow!
    Sarah recently posted…Charlotte Parent Fit Family ChallengeMy Profile

  2. I love this table! I am in the same predicament right now. We need new table and chairs for our deck, and we wanted to just buy a picnic table with benches that were not attached, and we can’t believe how expensive they are! So, we are considering building one as well. We have never built anything before. I am looking forward to the DIY for this, I might try to make this my first build. It looks like it is pretty straightforward.
    Nicki recently posted…Underwareness–Crush the Stigma!My Profile

    1. Thanks so much Nicki! We are new to this building thing as well, and this table is pretty simple and straight forward. I will be posting the update with it stained next week, but here is the link to Ana White’s blog where we got the basic plans. :)

  3. Love the mixed look. Looks great, coffee in the morning would be awesome out there. And I love the rug! I have a farm table I am redoing and the chairs are going to be mixed…thinking all four will be a different color! Thanks for your kind words on the Wild Flower I welded.
    Pam recently posted…DecoratingMy Profile

  4. Because that’s how the Amish do it…too funny !! He sounds like he’s a hoot !! You both make a FANTASTIC team and I do like the tip Rori gave you on the colored stains because you know ME…I loves me some color <– ALWAYS !! AND I think it changes it up compared to everyone else's "basic stain" that they slap on or buy in that condition.
    I ADORE the chairs and how you changed it up…symmetry is sooo boring !!! It looks great so far…can't wait to see how it comes out.

    1. Thanks gal! You know I looked at colored stains and I am so darn indecisive that it stressed me out! I’m going with a really rich dark brown. Fingers crossed!

      1. I love the colored stains…but you know me with color, haaa !! I would have to agree with you on the rich hides a LOT and with the table being outside it makes sense AND it matches the chairs. I KNOW you…the color will come in with pop’s here & there to change out the theme’s you’ll be doing <— which is smart OR the pillows you'll be putting on those chairs !!
        So happy to be BACK…woot, woot !!! Looking forward to getting into the groove of NEW projects for the warm weather…that damn winter was TOO LONG !!
        Can't wait to see the next stage of your project :)

  5. Awesome! The Amish? Girlfriend, get yourself a sander…….easy to use and one of the best things I ever bought. Also, just so you know….you can get stain in different colors like green, white, etc. Look for the pamphlets in front of the stain section……Lowes or HD will mix it for you.

    1. OMG, we HAVE sanders! He is crazy but you know, it’s easier to just go along…
      Thanks for the stain tips, I’m still pondering the color I want so that is very helpful :)

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