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Happy Friday!

For this week’s Follower Friday, Rori from Virginia is sharing  a room in her 100 year old Victorian Home.

This room was a bedroom that wasn’t needed, so they utilized the space as a reading room. Also know as The “Richmond Room”  it is is decorated with the charm befitting such an old home.

Amazing touches like the wall art, which are all old Richmond photos tinted with a color by Susan Bock, keep the style vintage and appropriate for the age of the home. I must say, I covet them. Placed on walls with such a rich, bold color, they really stand out.

Rori gave an old coffee table new life using Formby’s Re-finisher to remove the old, dated stain and finish, then coated it with tung oil. A little dark stain was left in the crevices give it an aged look. I love when a piece of furniture can be rescued and reused!



The tray table was created from a tray she purchased & placed on the stand of a broken piece. So smart! It holds a collection of antique items and old family photos. Perfect for the small spot between two windows. You can also see the beautifully restored hard wood floors here.

As for the lighting, Rori has a great idea for finding high end lamps for less by shopping furniture stores. When they are done using them in their displays, they sell them at lowered prices. She got these for a steal!

A wonderful thing about older homes are the amazing windows. This one is framed with two votive sconces found at a discount store. They look so expensive don’t they? And this room is so comfy, notice the family cat napping on the chair.


The bookcase is filled with books and styled with old family photos and antiques to add interest and depth. You can’t have a proper reading room with out loads of books. And you know this is a southern home, when you have a book called “Rhett Butler’s People”.


One of my favorite things in this room is the radiator. I love radiators and it’s something I really miss about living in a historic city with old homes. Rori had the best idea to spray paint them, some in copper & some in bronze. It cleans up the look, making them more like a display piece rather than a source of heat. Love, love, love.


And last but not least, you can’t show this room without including this great light fixture. It’s so beautiful and style appropriate for a 100 year old home. This chandelier that looks vintage, like it has been there for years, was a Lowe’s find.


Thank you so much to Rori for sharing such a charming room in her Victorian home & her wonderful ideas for vintage styling.

Have a great weekend y’all!


Wall Art by Susan Bock

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One thought on “Follower Friday- Rori

  1. Lovely room!!! Of course it would be a favorite with me, it’s RED!!
    It just doesn’t get any better than a comfy room full of books!
    If the Princess Posie were in that room, she would be napping on the back of the sofa too…that is one of her favorite places in our living room. She can keep an eye on the interior AND the exterior!

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