Holiday Cheese Plate (6)

Holiday Party Cheese Plate Tips

Holiday Cheese Plate (6)

With only 2 weeks left before Christmas, I thought I would re-share my Holiday Cheese Plate tips!

Let’s talk about cheese y’all!

With the Holiday season comes parties. Parties with co-workers, parties with friends, parties with family etc…lots and lots of parties.

Personally, I love throwing a Holiday Cocktail Party and I thought I would share some of my very basic tips on how to create a good cheese plate.

Holiday Cheese Plate (5)

The Basics:

Always serve cheese at room temperature. This may seem like a no brainier, but when hostessing you can get so busy with your preparations that you forget to take out the cheese.

For balance choose 3-5 cheeses. You can use a variety of milk types (goat, cow, sheep) or a theme like French, Italian or Spanish, etc…If you want to be safe, you may want to use a few cheese staples like Gouda and throw in one new cheese for folks to try. It’s fun and can also be a conversation starter.

Wine and Beer both go well with cheese. When in doubt over wine, choose white. Beer can be great if working on a budget.

Plain crackers & breads work best. Hold off on the flavored crackers so they don’t compete with the flavors of your cheese. Since I’m a big bread lover, I always like to use a nice freshly baked baguette slices.

Holiday Cheese Plate (3)


Adding olives, fruit or nuts will jazz up a cheese plate. A rule of thumb with olives is smaller olives tend to pack some punch and larger olives are usually more mellow. Grapes are also a great choice to liven up a plate and are so yummy with cheese!

Holiday Cheese Plate

Honey & Jams:

Most cheeses pair well with honey but goat cheeses are ideal. You can choose flavors of honey like cranberry, orange, blueberry, etc…

For soft cheeses, my husband loves a jam. This year I bought a delicious Holiday Fruit Jam from our local cheese shop, but you can find flavored jams at any grocery store. Serve with crackers or baguette bread.

Holiday Cheese Plate

A nice cutting board will do (you can never have too many cheese boards) or you can get creative with dinner plates, cake stands, or platters. Whatever you have on hand can work.

 It’s also a fun idea to use small cards or chalk boards to label your cheese. I like these little chalk boards from the craft store, but I have also done something as simple as colored card stock cut into seasonal shapes. Labeling the types of cheese can be fun and is super helpful to your guests.


Cheese knives are a good idea and make a nice presentation but they aren’t necessary. If you don’t have cheese knives any old knife will do.  Just make sure that you have a separate knife for each cheese. If you want to pick up some cheese knives, you can usually find reasonably priced sets at places like Home Goods or you may want to check out Sur La Table for a really great selection.

Holiday Cheese Plate (5)

Holiday Cheese Plate

When serving cheese, don’t forget the wine. If you’re unsure of what kind to serve, can always ask your cheesemonger for suggestions.

For your party, It’s fun to give your wine glasses a bit of sass with wine charms. It’s also a good idea because they help guests keep tabs on their drinks!

Holkiday Cheese Plate

My Cheese Selection:

If you are not confident in picking out cheeses, have no worries, the folks that work at cheese counters or shops are more than happy to help you and here are my 3 suggestions for a cheese plate that you may want to try if you are hosting a holiday get together.

Midnight Moon

This is my favorite goat cheese, it’s crazy good! You may be tempted to hide it, and eat it all yourself, but save it for your guests, they will thank you.

Holiday Cheese Plate

Holiday Cheese Plate (10)

Prima Donna Red

This is a really flavorful, hard & crumbly cow cheese. A great choice for your guests that prefer red wines and hard cheeses.



And last but not least,

Bellatoile Triple Cream Brie

This is a to-die-for soft cheese that my husband loves paired with jam. You might want to hit the treadmill after this one, y’all!


Those are my basic tips tips for a good cheese plate, I hope they were helpful!

Happy Holiday Entertaining!


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  1. Love these tips! I am planning a cheese platter for our Christmas Eve party and I will definitely try that Midnight goat cheese. Is it found in most grocery stores?

    1. Thanks Lela! I’m pretty sure that you would just find it in a cheese shop or “better” grocery store nut you can always ask if there is something similar :) Happy holidays!

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