A Christmas Tree (or two)


Happy week of Thanksgiving everyone!

Do you host or go to a big ta-do? We are going to our friends for Thanksgiving Eve and then will spend a nice quiet Thanksgiving at home with the dogs. Just the way we like it.

Anyhoo, today I thought I would share with you my Christmas Tree saga….

Since I was going to have to start my holiday decor pretty much from scratch this year, I pulled my tree down from the attic a few weeks earlier than I normally would so that I could get an idea of what I wanted to decorate it with.

I had just bought the 7.5 foot tree (tree #1) before we moved and had only used it once.

I set it up and fluffed it but it just seemed to be missing something. I added things to it, and even moved it around the room but I couldn’t get it right. Then I realized that the problem I had with it was the shape. It was way too perfect. I just wasn’t feeling it.

So…as soon as I saw real trees for sale, I jumped at the chance to get one. This is tree number #2. A real tree.


I took everything off the artificial tree, took it apart and packed it back up (all that fluffing for nothing, sigh….)

Then I happily set up the real tree and I gave it a day for the branches to drop. When it was ready, I got up early and started to decorate it.

Big problem though. Every time I would touch it, it would fall over.


At first it would sag to one side or another. I would mess with the stand and try to adjust it but Eventually it gave up completely and just fell straight onto the floor with a thud.

The holder was too big. Darn it!

Coming to my rescue, my husband ran out and happily (cough cough) bought me a new tree stand and put tree #2 up. Again.

So, this is tree number #2.


I wanted something that looked like I just went out in the yard and cut it down myself. I think this one Fits the bill!

I used minimum ornaments and didn’t even put lights on it. It’s a little more rustic than I would usually do, but it’s simple, which is the mood I was in. And it smells amazing!

The tree skirt is a ruffled burlap that I found at an antique sale in a cornfield (true story) and this year, I wrapped gifts in brown Kraft paper with red ribbons.





image image





So that’s our 2014 Tree.

 And here are some other amazing holiday ideas on my Pinterest board!

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16 thoughts on “A Christmas Tree (or two)

  1. The tree looks AMAZING especially standing UP!! What I like most about the tree & decorations is the simplicity of it all, which we have left behind with the commercialization of the holiday. We need to get back to the basics…sit down with the younger generation that look to us for the memories that will be made & those memories should be of sitting & MAKING ornaments, stringing the tree with ribbon or handmade paper chains instead of lights and in the process you are spending quality time with your loved ones. THOSE are the memories that I cherish from my childhood. More is not always better in my my opinion.

    Wishing you and your husband a wonderful Thanksgiving…

    P.S. I am absolutely obsessed with the uniqueness of the tree skirt…only you could dig up a find like that AND in a cornfield to boot…you amaze me !!

    1. Missi, as always you are supportive and positive.
      I totally agree with you about the simplicity of Christmas. I have always disliked the commercial gift giving, spend a ton of money part. I love the idea of making garlands and ornaments with your family and that yes, more is not always better.
      I’m glad you like the tree sort! I wasn’t even going to do a tree but I loved the skirt so much I just had to!
      Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and I look forward to showing you my holiday house tour!

  2. Karen,
    Real trees are the best in my book! I love them, excitedly wait for the tree lots to open, and then twirl and thump (the lot employees do this part) tree after tree looking for the perfect tree each year. Sometimes I have as many as three real trees, not counting the spindly cedar trees I cut from my yard. What a great husband to buy a new tree stand.

    Happy Thanksgiving.


    1. Judith, three trees must be glorious! Thank you so much for sharing your enthusiasm for the real tree, it is contagious! Have a happy holiday season and thank you so much for stopping by!

  3. How can you keep a tree alive from before thanksgiving? Do you have a secret? Any time I’ve gotten a live tree it’s been dead within two weeks even with religious watering.

    1. Hi Ann! Nope no secret. I have never had a problem keeping them alive. Last year I had a real tree in the bedroom here from the weekend of Thanksgiving thru New Years and it was fine with just water. If your house is on the dry side, I have heard bowls of water near the heaters or a humidifier will help keep the tree :) thanks for stopping by!

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