A super easy way to create your own fall sentiment pillow!

Stenciled Sentiment Pillow


Holy moly y’all!

Can you believe that this weekend is both Halloween and daylight savings time?! Time is flying and we are well on our way to this year’s holiday season!

All the stores are full of Christmas, but before I even start thinking about that, I want to work on a few Thanksgiving touches for the house. I started with a simple DIY Harvest Sentiment Pillow.


I wanted to make a sentiment pillow, rather than buy one, because I just cleaned out my “pillow closet” and gave away loads of them. This diy was a really easy project that allowed me to have a “new” pillow by repurposing what I already had, and I didn’t have to add to my newly downsized stash.

 Here’s all you need:

Pillow or pillow cover

Stencils (unless you can free hand)


To create your own sentiment pillow, decide what you want it to say and then gather your stencils and Sharpie marker. I used an Ultra Fine Point Sharpie in black.


Plan out where to place and how to space your letters, then add your chosen print onto the pillow cover with the sharpie. In my opinion, a sharpie works much better than fabric or craft paint because it doesn’t bleed under the stencil and it’s much neater and faster. I don’t know about you, but I always make a mess with paint.


Fill or fluff your pillow and you are done!

A new DIY Sentiment Pillow.

This one cost me zero dollars because I already had all the things I needed, including the linen pillow cover. You can’t beat free!




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27 thoughts on “Stenciled Sentiment Pillow

    1. Thanks gal! That’s so funny that you noticed the different fonts! That was actually accidental. Once I realized my mistake, I just went with it!
      If I am stenciling fabric that I would like to launder, I use fabric makers and they hold up really well. They just don’t have a fine point tip like the sharpie. I trick with the fabric markers is to throw them in the dryer when you’re done to “set” the ink.

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