Updating a Ceiling Fan with Spray Paint

Update a Ceiling Fan with Spray Paint


Today, I am talking about ceiling fans. I know that ceiling fans are a no-no for decorators, but y’all know that in real life people use them.

Ceiling fans follow me everywhere. We have had them in each and every house that we have owned. Sadly, in each house they were either not our style, or they were the white bottom of the price range fan ( see below) and we have had to change them out for something a bit nicer. I have spent hundreds of dollars just updating ceiling fans.

I don’t really mind ceiling fans and I actually keep all of mine running on low through the entire summer.

In this house we have one in 3 of our rooms and they all need some love. First, we upgraded the fan in the Den by buying a new one, then we moved on to changing the plain white fan in the bedroom. But this one is custom wired to work by a fancy wall mounted system. I would have been happy with taking it down altogether, but my husband wanted to leave it up. So rather than mess with all the wiring that it would require to replace it, I decided to simply change up the white color with some spray paint.

Here is the original look:


And here is the new look:


My husband took the fan down and took it apart for me so that I could paint the pieces.

I just laid them all out on a sheet and lightly sprayed everything with a few layers so that I didn’t get any running or dripping.

I used Rust-Oleum with the trigger spray in Satin Nickel for the base and Espresso Brown for the blades.


unnamed (2)








It’s a very small change that freshened up the space and saved money.

Now, onto the kitchen fan.


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28 thoughts on “Update a Ceiling Fan with Spray Paint

  1. I just had to take a minute to write to say, “Way to Go” for acknowledging what I have been thinking for so long! Seriously all these blogs must have incredibly high electric bills running their A/C at low temps or they live in Iceland and steal pics from the internet making us think they’re in the Good Ol USA! How do THAT many people function without ceiling fans!

  2. YES, thank you Karen for saying that- Real People in Real Life use ceiling and I am one. My house is totally cooled and yet we left the ceiling fans that were here [decades I am sure] one in each bedroom and in the den. When we lived in a 100 year old primitive farmhouse we gladly trashed the [tacky, horrible] WINDOW UNIT A/C s and installed ceiling fans -It Worked for that too.
    Jonell Harrison recently posted…Everything Has a Story #11My Profile

    1. Thanks so much Jonell! I appreciate the feedback :)
      I hope that you will stop by on Mondays and join our Something to Talk About link party!

  3. I want to update my ceiling fans (I have 5). How did you spray paint the part, where the blades attach, without getting paint on the motor?


    1. Hi Melanie! We took the entire thing apart, blades and all. I wrappd the motor in a plastic grocery bag. My husband reasembled it when all the pieces were dry.Hope that helps :)

  4. Hi…visiting from Amaze Me Monday…you did an awesome job on that ceiling fan! I have fans in every room and don’ really care if they are in style or not. One day they will be back in anyway, right?! I have also painted the one in my kitchen a couple of years ago…it was ugly white with those tacky motifs painted on. I actually left mine up when I painted it, only removing the blades. I masked and tented all around it with a sheet and sprayed it oil rubbed bronze. It looks like a new fan! Great job!

    1. Hi Debby Ray! Thanks so much for stopping by! I laughed at your description of your kitchen fan before you painted it…what are some people thinking!?
      Mayne next time I will just leave it up like you did!

    1. Keri, that is just the best compliment!!!! Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you will stop back each Monday and join our Link party! It runs Monday-Thursday :)

  5. I have never decorated to please the so called pros…practicality with style always wins out over what is trendy or not in our home. We have ceiling fans because they add to the comfort of the home, one of the most important aspects of any room is comfort. I love blog posts that address working with making such practical elements more beautiful. Good job.
    Pamela @FlowerPatchFarmhouse recently posted…Comment on Fabulous Planters for Shade by PamelaMy Profile

  6. Hi, Karen ~ Your fan looks gorgeous now! I love the Satin Nickel hardware. I can’t believe what a difference that makes! We have several white fana {yuck!}, but we use them throughout the summer. Maybe I’ll redo them when I tackle the kids’ rooms? Thanks for sharing!
    Tiffany recently posted…The Home Office RevealMy Profile

  7. Karen,
    Well done, dear friend!!!
    Here on the Prairie. . .ceiling fans are a m u s t!!!
    Thanks for sharing your amazing simplistic solution
    for updating a functional, turned stylish, ceiling fan!!!
    Pat recently posted…Sweeter Than Honey!My Profile

  8. I, too, have ceiling fans in every room and my porch. They are used all through our long Texas summers. Not sure why decorators don’t like them because there are many different types now, even though mine are mostly old Hunters. Love the paint job.

  9. I live on the west coast of Florida and I’m sorry but I have a ceiling fan in 4 bedrooms, family room, and den. I’m not a big “fan” of ceiling fans but way too hot even with the best AC not to have some circulation going on!!!! I agree, painting is a great option to give those eye soars an updated look! I wish more decorators understood not all of us live in areas that have 4 seasons!!!! Love your blog!

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