How To Tighten Toilet Seat With No Access Underside

How To Tighten Toilet Seat With No Access Underside

You realize that your toilet seat is getting lost, or it might be time to replace your toilet seat. But, you have one of those toilet seats with no access underside. What should you do? Should you just leave it as is, or is there a way on how you can tighten or remove the seat, even if there is no access underside the seat?

With this guide, you will be able to understand how to tighten the toilet seat, and how to replace it with a new seat. Even without the seat having no access underneath. 

Different type of toilet seats that you can purchase

This is one of the biggest mistakes that people can make. To think that there is only one type of toilet seat that you can purchase. And, that all the toilet seats are installing the same way. 

There is the one toilet seat that is getting tighten or installed in the back of the toilet. The easiest one to install. Then, there is the toilet seat that has no access. Meaning that there are actually no screws that you can unscrew to replace the toilet seat. This is the type of toilet seat that we are going to discuss today. The one that you might think can’t be removed or tighten. 

What to do with a toilet seat without any access underneath?

You should look again. Make sure about where the toilet seat is connecting with the rest of the toilet. If you are feeling careful, you will feel that there might be bolt or screw that you can feel with your hands. You might not see the screws, but you will be able to feel it.

This is the secret about these toilet seats without any access. Most of them have access, but you can’t just see it, because it is hidden. To make the toilet look modern and beautiful. You should look carefully in all directions. You will be able to find a way to remove or to tighten the toilet seat somehow. There are really just a couple of toilet seats that are designed within the toilet.

Guide to tighten the toilet seat with no access underside

It isn’t hard to replace or to tighten the toilet seat if there isn’t any access underneath the seat for removing or tightening bolts. With this guide, you will find that this is easier than what you have thought.

  • Look carefully at the back of the toilet seat for any signs of bolts or screws. There should be a way that the seat was installed on the toilet. Most of the time, the bolts are just hidden from plain sight. 
  • Now, that you found the bolts, you should tighten it slightly, if this is the problem with the toilet seat. If you want to replace the seat, you should loosen the bolts, being careful not to damage the holes where the bolts are inserted in the toilet.
  • Realign the toilet seat, so that it fits perfectly on the toilet before you fasten the bolts again. Making sure that you make it as tight as possible without cracking the plastic of the toilet seat. 
  • Now you have tightened the toilet seat, even if the seat doesn’t have any access underside the toilet.

If you still don’t find the access underside the toilet, then you might want to call in the professionals to do the tightening or replacement for you. 

Replacing your toilet seat. Things to know and consider

When you are replacing your toilet seat, there are a couple of things that you should consider. Before you go out and purchase your new toilet seat, you should make sure about the size of the seat. There is the different size of toilets, and you don’t want to have a seat that is too small or too big for your toilet.

And, you need to make sure if your seat has easy access or no access. Meaning makes sure that you know where your toilet seat is going to install in your toilet. The type of method your toilet seat is getting installed on your toilet. Meaning where the bolts are installed, and the type and size bolts needed for installing your toilet seat correctly. Not something that you need to worry about when you are just tightening your toilet seat.

What should you do when you want to tighten your toilet seat, but you don’t find any access behind the toilet where the seat was installed? You just follow our instructions and information and you will not have a problem about replacing or tightening your toilet seat again. In most cases, the toilet seat is fastened with some sort of bolt or screw. You just need to find it, if it is hidden from being seen. 

How To Install A Shower Faucet New Construction

How To Install A Shower Faucet New Construction

It is time for a bathroom upgrade. And, you are thinking about installing a shower and installing new showering faucets. This can be a great project that you can do yourself, but then you need to know how to install a new faucet and how to create your new bathroom space. 

With this guide, you will not only get to know all the information about showering faucets, but you will also learn more about how to install the best faucets that will give you the best value for money. This is everything that you need to know about shower faucets and installing new ones.

Know the different shower faucets that you can purchase

The first thing that you need to do, is to purchase your new shower faucets. The problem here is that there is more than one type of shower faucets that you can choose and purchase. You need to make sure that you are choosing the ones that will be best for you and your family. These are the three main type of faucets that you can purchase. 

  • The single-handle faucets. These are those faucets that have the T-connection between the cold and hot water. Making sure that you are able to get both hot and cold water, without turning on two taps. This is the most popular and common faucets that you can find in the shower.
  • Double handle faucets. These are the faucets where you are controlling the water temperature with the one, and the water flows with the other one. Not really popular in showers, but can be great if you are creating a shower over the bath.
  • Three handle faucets. This is for those bathrooms where the electric shower and the bath are basically a two in one. Two of the handle faucets is similar to the double handle faucets. The third handle is for the bath.

Make sure about where your water pipes are

If you are creating a new shower separated from the bath, you need to be very careful. You need to know where the water pipes are. Or, you are going to have a huge problem. This is why most people create a shower over the bath if they want to have a shower after the bathroom was built. Making it easier to find water pipes.

You can’t start making holes in the wall for installing the faucets if you don’t know where the pipes are. If you damage the pipes, you are going to have a mess. Water that is going to be running everywhere and that needs to be repaired before you can start all over again. 

Guide in installing a new shower faucet in your bathroom

This is the basic guide to get you’re going when you are installing new shower faucets in your bathroom. These are just the basic guidelines and you might want to do more research if you don’t know exactly how to install new faucets into a bathroom.

  • The first step that you need to do, is to attach the valves to the frame. It doesn’t matter what type of faucets you are installing; this is always the first step. The only way to make sure that you are going to route the pipes correctly. 
  • The second step is where you start routing the pipes to the valve. The fittings that you need to attach should fit perfectly. You need to make sure that you are going to fasten these fittings correctly, so that the pipes don’t leak and that it won’t burst either. By making sure it fit correctly before fasten it properly is recommended.
  • With the pipes installed, you can now connect the faucets to the pipes. Making sure that you keep the cold-water pipe with the cold-water faucet. 
  • The last thing that you should do, is to add the showerhead to the pipes and faucets and you will have a working shower with new shower faucets. 

When to rather call in a professional 

When is it best to rather call in a professional for installing the shower faucets or shower system for you? Or, is this something that you can do yourself, even if you never have done something like this yourself?

If you aren’t a handyman, and you never have installed any form of faucets before, it might be best to hire an expert to come and install the new shower faucets for you. Just to make sure that it is installed correctly.

It might be time to upgrade your bathroom or to install a new shower into your bathroom. Installing a shower faucet isn’t as hard as what you might think. The only thing that you should make sure about, is that you need to know how to choose the best bathroom faucets and how to install it correctly. With this guide, you will get all the necessary information to be able to install the right shower faucets.  Read more How To Remove A Towel Bar With No Screws

How To Remove A Towel Bar With No Screws

How To Remove A Towel Bar With No Screws

You are updating your bathroom, and want to get rid of that old towel bar that is irritating you for so long. But, you are wondering how you are going to get it removed. You don’t see any screws that you can just untie to get the towel bar removed and replaced.

The good news is that there are a couple of ways that you can still remove the bar, even if there aren’t any screws on it. You just need to make sure that you know how to find how it is mounted and how to remove it without damaging the wall. This is everything you need to know about how to remove the towel bar without any screws.

Make sure that there aren’t any hidden compartments

You should be careful. You might not see any screws, but they might be hidden. This is the first thing that you should do when you are trying to remove the towel bar. There might be a hidden compartment, that is hiding the screws from plain sight. Meaning that there might be screws, but it is hidden.

So, you should invest the towel bar, to make sure that this isn’t the case. If this is the case, then you know how to remove the bar, and you can continue with removing the screws. Otherwise, you know that there aren’t any screws and you can continue searching for ways to remove the bar correctly.

Try finding the way the bar is mounted on the wall

Even, if the towel bar isn’t mounted on the wall by screws, it was mounted by something. And, you should find out what. The sooner you find out what was used to mount the towel bar to the wall, the easier it will be to remove it from the wall.

If you don’t make sure what was used, you might have a hard time to get it off. Somethings are really harder to get off than other things. For example, the two-way tape is easier to remove than glue.

Two-way tape removal is easier

With two-way tape, removal is easier. Especially if it was used on tiles. If the two-way tape was used on the wall and paint, it can damage the paint, if you don’t remove it correctly.

The first thing that you can do, is if this is used on tiles. You can just pull off the tape and clean the rest of the tape with paint removal or glue removal. There will not be any damage done to the towel bar or to the tiles. However, with it on the wall, you should be careful not to damage the paint. Throwing some thinners on the tape on the wall will soften the glue and will make it easier to pull off without causing any damage. But, it is essential that you should know that you need to see that two-way tape was used to mount the towel bar to the wall.

Glue can be harder to remove

Depending on the type of glue that was used, it can be really hard to remove the towel bar from the wall. You need to be careful that you don’t break the bar while you are pulling it off. And, you need to know that pulling the bar off, when it was glued on, isn’t a good idea.

There is a special guide that you need to make use of to get the towel rack of when it was glued to the wall and to the tiles. This is to ensure that you don’t damage the bar and that you don’t damage the wall and tiles.

Guide to remove the bar, step by step

It is important that you make sure that you follow this guide if you want to remove the bar, step by step.

  • Remove the bar from the ends of the towel rack. This will normally be easy to remove because it isn’t made together. It installs separately.
  • Use a flat tool, that you are going to insert between the bar-ends and the wall. Making sure that you have a good grip on the tool. By pulling it away from the wall, you are going to ensure that you are pulling the end bars away from the wall as well. Making pulling it off a lot easier.
  • Remove the rest of the glue or two-way tape before you are painting over it.

With this guide, you will get all the information needed to ensure that you are able to remove the bar, step by step. Even if the towel bar doesn’t have screws that you can use to remove the towel bar. But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t now consider upgrades and getting rod of the old, towel bar, and not installing the newer version.  

How Much Weight Can a Toilet Hold

What could be more embarrassing than having a toilet give way while one is taking a dump? The truth is few things are. But beyond the embarrassment, there is the potential injury to the user and/or the damage to the bathroom, should something of that nature occur? I think this is a valid yet underrated issue that is why the issue of the weight capacity of toilets should be discussed in other to avoid embarrassment, injury or damages.

About Toilets

Toilets are facilities that allow you to defecate and urinate in relative privacy. There are different designs with different functions:

  • Two-piece toilets: these are large, heavy toilets that are cheap, easy to clean and simpler to repair. Their size and seat height make them suitable for adults.
  • One-piece toilet: are really easy to clean and install. They are on the expensive side but are great for smaller bathrooms
  • Wall-hung toilets: are versatile, have great design and are great for small bathrooms. However, they are expensive and are mostly serviced by professionals.
  • Smart toilets: these are the digital version of toilets. They are designed to combine comfort and function

Toilet Weight Limits

The weight of the different toilets in the market is relative to their water capacity and the materials used. On the average, toilets weigh between 70 to 120 pounds Toilets are made from porcelain which is extra strong. So most toilets are durable and should be able to withstand much weight.

Although there are no specific weight limits for standards toilets, Aksam   Zarook observed that regular toilets are built to handle 453kg (1000lbs) while wall hung toilets handle 227kg (500lbs). Now that we know the average weight of toilets and their weight limits, how much weight can they hold? 

How Much Weight Can a Toilet Hold

While it’s true that there are a lot of heavy set people around, how many persons do you know who weigh up to 1000lbs? Given that most toilets are built to withstand that weight, this means that most toilets will withstand the weight of even the most obese people.

Since toilets are designed to be sat on, the user’s weight is borne by the bowl. No matter how heavy they are. So it’s erroneous to believe that toilets collapse under the sheer weight of the users.

Not everyone agrees with this though. One writer is of the opinion that most standard toilets cannot hold weight in excess of 250lbs.

 If such occurs, defects in the toilet appliance, poor installation and maintenance practices and /or bad toilet habits (squatting and standing on toilets) may be responsible. Poorly fitted, badly maintained toilets will easily lead to toilet accidents regardless of the user’s weight.

In the end, the amount of weight that a toilet can hold depends on the type of toilet and its purpose.


Toilets are an essential facility since our bodies must execute excretory functions every day. Owing to the different types and functions of toilets and the frequency of use, keeping your toilet in a good state is important. This helps to prevent embarrassment, health risks or damages in your home or find the best toilet.

One of the issues associated with toilets is weight. How much weight a toilet is supposed to hold precisely. While there is the erroneous belief that overweight individuals can damage toilets from their sheer weight, the general weight limits of most toilets suggest that this is false.

These weight limits far exceed the weight of the most obese people alive at the moment.

What do you think about this issue? I would like your comments and comments if any.

4th of July Hostess Gift

Happy Fourth of July!!!

I hope everyone woke up to sunshine today, leading you into the holiday weekend.

This is my favorite time and holiday of the year y’all! And although I usually like to host some sort of shindig at our house, this year we are going somewhere else.

In that case, I needed to put together a little hostess gift, may be a “4 of july” t shirt. If you also need something for your hostess besides the usual wine (I will add that too) or flowers, here is what I did….

I picked up a few “summery” items that I thought she might like, or buy some cute t shirts at Lapommenyc Store

I went through my crafting bin and pulled out some supplies like a kraft bag, ribbon, name tag, hole puncher,

and some sparklers.

Then I just placed the gift items in the bag, tied it all up and stenciled the tag for the 4th. Tada! A personalized Hostess gift.

And if you still haven’t added any decor to your place, don’t fret, here are 3 super easy and budget friendly ideas to show your patriotism.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July weekend!

Easy Cellar Stairway Update

Happy Thursday!

Only 23 days until spring! Are y’all ready, or what!?

Im still working on my spring clean up of the house, and last week, I gave some much needed attention to the stairs of our cellar.

Our house was built in 1950 and I’m pretty sure this area has only been painted once or twice since then. Hard to believe that it’s looked like this since we bought the house 2 years ago. It’s one of those areas that you only look at when you have to go down there, and even then, you don’t really care what it looks like. Ours had faded and dingy yellow paint on the walls and the stairs were a hot mess! Yikes!

Happy Thursday!

Only 23 days until spring! Are y’all ready, or what!?

Im still working on my spring clean up of the house, and last week, I gave some much needed attention to the stairs of our cellar.

Our house was built in 1950 and I’m pretty sure this area has only been painted once or twice since then. Hard to believe that it’s looked like this since we bought the house 2 years ago. It’s one of those areas that you only look at when you have to go down there, and even then, you don’t really care what it looks like. Ours had faded and dingy yellow paint on the walls and the stairs were a hot mess! Yikes!

Even though he was sick, my husband helped me paint the walls first (because we are messy painters, as you can tell by my paint can) and then I painted the steps myself. It was actually really easy, the paint had great coverage.

After the paint dried over night, I added some stair treads so I don’t fall to my death.

This roll was about $16. I measured out each piece and made sure I had enough for all 11 steps in just one roll. I literally ended up with about 5 inches left over. They are just a peel and stick, so were super easy to apply.

And this is how it looks now.

Ahhh. It feels so much brighter, fresh and clean. You know, for a cellar. I also did the walk up attic walls and stairs in the same colors.

An easy update to a tired cellar stair area.

Be our guest

Since we relocated, we have been very fortunate to have friends and family visit us up on the hill. When preparing a room for our guests, it is important to me that things are as comfortable as I can make them. The style of this home is very casual, and not the style for everyone, but the little things added to a guest room can be used with any theme.

Here is a is a look at our space and how I make our loved ones feel like they are special.

Our main guest room has a private bath and I call it “The Waller Suite”, after our very first guests to stay with us. We have additional guest space, but this is the one used most often.

The room was white when we moved in, and needed a cozier feel. I wanted a color that was soothing to everyone, so I painted it Martha Stewart Linen.

Then I started with the bed.

In my opinion, bedding is one of the most important components in making guests feel at home and comfortable. I love to use crisp white cotton sheets and lots of pillows to accommodate preferences. I use blankets and quilts mixed with duvets, to offer different weights of covers. Some folks like a lot of covers and some folks don’t. Some folks like fluffy pillows, some folks don’t.

For my spring/summer bedding, I couldn’t resist the light pinks that were everywhere. I am using two solid quilts, with a Cynthia Rowley duvet and additional Pottery Barn pillow shams. For the fall/winter season I use a neutral linen set from Pottery Barn that I really love.

I find that bedding doesn’t have to be super expensive to add comfort.

Layers of bedding
Crisp white cotton sheets

Next to the bed, I have a nightstand on both sides so that couples staying with us have their own space for personal items.

I use the largest of the two to keep some items on hand for our quests, such as reading materials, a dish for jewelry or small things, and a water carafe & glass.

I also like to have fresh flowers or seasonal greens by the bed. Some people really enjoy the added touch of fresh flowers and if you are able, gathering them from around the yard is a special touch.

I also have a chair for sitting and a cashmere throw for snuggling. Having a chair in the room is helpful to older guests.

Chair and cozy throw

A  laundry basket, a luggage rack, & a night light all help to make the room functional and cozy for our friends and family.

I keep a stack of fresh towels in the room so no one has to go searching for them, and I stock the bathroom with items I think they may need. Another small touch is that I put out a fresh bar of soap in the bathroom for every visit.

You can use fancy soap, or my personal favorite, plain old white Dove soap.

Visiting can be exhausting, with the traveling, sightseeing and general excitement.

 Having a t.v. in the room is a convenience for guests who may want to go to bed early and watch a movie, or even for those who want to get up early to watch the news without feeling like they are waking up anyone else.

Just another touch that will help them feel like they are at home.

After making sure the quest space is comfortable, I like to leave some kind of special gift in the room to let my company know just how much we appreciate them making the trip to visit us.

I have put together gift baskets of different sizes, some with things to relax and some with local treats and sometimes just a small little something to show some love.

And that’s how I do a guest room, Up on the hill.

A little something
Gift basket