5 Great Italian Holiday Destinations for 2018

5 Great Italian Holiday Destinations for 2018

Italy is an amazing country that more than ten million people visit each year. You’ll find fascinating historical sites, great golf courses, beautiful art and architecture and delicious food and wine. Here are 5 great Italian holiday destinations for 2018.


Treviso is a city of canals in north eastern Italy. Make sure you see Fontana delle Tette that dispenses wine during special celebrations. Visit the Musei civici di Treviso to view amazing art. Il Parco degli Alberi Parlanti, otherwise known as the ‘Park of Talking Trees’ is a lovely park that you should explore, especially if you’re visiting with kids. Piazza dei Signorii is a great area for cafes and shops. The city also hosts an annual food and wine marathon each year from March to June.



Sardinia is known for its mysterious Bronze Age ruins and it is an island in the Mediterranean Sea. Neptune’s Grotto is a cave which was discovered in the 18th century and is popular among tourists. Cagliari Cathedral has 12th century architecture and it has a crypt with royal tombs.

The Museo archeologico Nazionale has artefacts from the Byzantine Age. Visit the Roman Amphitheatre of Cagliari to see the fantastic ruins. Costa Smeralda is known for its golf, nightlife, sailing and beaches. If you want to have an outdoor adventure visit Cala Goloritzé to trek, rock climb or relax on the beach.



Tuscany is known for its Renaissance art and architecture and the city of Florence showcases this era brilliantly. Florence Cathedral, Uffizi Gallery, Palazzo Vecchio, Piazza della Signoria, Piazza dei Miracoli and Giotto’s Campanile are fabulous examples of Renaissance architecture that you must see.


You can also visit Pisa to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Another place to visit whilst in Tuscany is the Island of Elba, which was known as Napoleon’s Palace of exile and it is filled with beautiful beaches. There are plenty of accommodation options, but for an authentic feel, stay in a rustic yet luxurious villa, located in the countryside, perfect for exploring the local area. Holiday rentals in close proximity to vineyards are always a good thing!  



Capri has luxurious hotels, rugged landscape, caves, electric blue water, fabulous beaches and designer shops. Blue Grotto is a sea cave where the sunlight passes through an underwater cavity and shines through the sea water. Another beautiful place to visit it the Villa San Michele where you will find ancient art. You can visit Monte Solaro, one of the highest peaks in Capri, where you will find great walking paths. Be sure to visit the Gardens of Augustus, which are botanical gardens with a stunning view of the sea. The Bay of Leranto is a great area to relax on the beach, and go trekking and snorkelling.



Turin is located in the northern part of Italy. You can see the Alps rise in the northwest side of this city and this city is known for its fine dining and architecture. The Palace of Venaria is a stunning palace with over 50 acres of garden space that visitors can wander through. Visit the church the Basilica of Superga for its magnificent architecture. A few other places to visit here are Piazza San Carlo, Superga and Parco del Valentino, and Museo Egizio, known for its Egyptian Relics and art. Turin is known for its chocolate and it is a great place to indulge. You can also get fantastic wine and great pasta dishes so be sure to try as many dishes as you can.

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