5 Quick Roadside Repair Fixes

5 Quick Roadside Repair Fixes


When traveling by RV, there are a number of minor things that can go wrong that are both common and easy to fix. As long as you know what you’re doing and bring the proper tools, these small issues can be quickly repaired and you can be right back on the road for your campervan hire australia journey. If you are not prepared and have not brought along the proper tools to deal with these small issues, they can have disastrous consequences for your trip including spending lots of money on repairs or becoming stranded and in need of help. So for anyone about to set off on their Australian adventure, make sure you know how to do the following and have the equipment along to assure that it can be done.


Spare Tire Change

First off always make sure that you have at least one spare tire with you for the journey. Most licensed rental agencies will provide one, but make sure that you ask when you rent the camper and make sure it is included before you take off. Having a jack and a spare will be the difference between being stranded on the road, perhaps in a remote location, and being back up and running in 20 minutes. Of course just having the equipment is not enough. You actually have to know how to change the tire, which is fortunately one of the easiest fixes for all vehicles, even campers. All it takes is three quick steps, jacking the camper, loosening the bolts/removing the tire, and fastening the spare. Before you take off, watch some Youtube videos on changing a tire and even do practice changes yourself. Print out a set of step-by-step directions so you can follow them if you get a spare.


Body Adjustments


It is a simple rule of campervan travel that from time to time the body of your camper may experience some minor damages such as loosening partitions or minor dings from the road. Before these turn into larger issues such as pieces falling off the camper while driving or major structural damage, you can perform minor structural adjustments that will assure the continued proper functioning and safety of your camper. All you need is a small wrench set with just three different wrench sizes. This way if you notice a ding in the exterior you can pound it back into place from the inside. A wrench will also allow you to maneuver parts of the exterior back into alignment if needed. This will save you serious trouble later on in your campervan hire australia trip since you won’t have to worry about the larger structural problems that come with untreated damaged exteriors. Just like with changing tires, check out the Youtube videos on how to fix minor structural issues and print out some examples and bring them along with you on your journey.


Setup Issues


This one comes down to issues with your specific camper design. Most campers have setup processes where they transfer to camp-ready mode. Once you part at your camping spot, many campers have awnings that come down and permanent breaks that keep them in place, steps that come out, and interior adjustments that transform the vehicle into a comfortable home base for enjoying your stay in a chosen area. This is also the most common equipment on any camper for damages and malfunctions. In order to plan ahead, you should do a couple practice setups back at home before setting off on your trip. Make sure you properly know how to set up the camper so that you don’t inadvertently cause any damages on the road. Any reputable rental agency will give you a manual for your camper that is specific to that model. Part of the manual will be the setup instructions, and as part of these instructions there is often a list of troubleshooting steps in case of awnings getting stuck or other minor issues. Don’t ignore this part of the manual. Make sure you read up on the different troubleshooting tips and how to properly handle the setup gear. This will not only save you time and effort in setting up but will assure your trip doesn’t have any setup malfunctions.


Camper maintenance while on the road is simple as long as you have the knowledge and the tool needed in order to perform minor fixes along the way. For those who know what they are doing, most minor road repairs will be completed in no time and their impact on the trip will be minimal. Make sure that you fall into this category for your campervan hire australia journey and bring along the proper tools, read up on quick fix steps, and learn about the camper’s operations from the manual. This will go a long way toward assuring that your trip is not hampered by technical issues.




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