5 Reasons Why You Should Travel To Cyprus on Your Next Vacation

Cyprus is a fantastic destination for your next vacation. It’s the ideal location for any type of traveller; couples, families, groups and solo travellers – whatever type of traveler you are you will find what you’re looking for in Cyprus.

I have been lucky enough to visit Cyprus on several occasions, each time I go back I find myself falling deeper in love with the place. The locals, the weather, the food and much more leaves me missing the place as soon as I get back on the plane.

The vacation rentals in Cyprus are fast becoming one of my favourite parts of the trip, here are 5 more great reasons to travel to Cyprus this year.

The Great Beaches

The country is blessed with a wide range of Blue Flag Beaches, these beaches are some of the best you will find anywhere in the Mediterranean. If you’re only heading to one beach then make sure it’s Fig Tree Bay – cocktails, clear waters and golden sands are waiting.

The Sun Is Always Shining

If you’re looking for the ideal location then you want to make sure that the sun is always out. Cyprus us lucky enough to have over 300 days of sun each year. The temperature can rise to over 35 degrees celsius which is ideal for all beach lovers.

Party The Night Away

Ayia Napa is world famous for the nightlife, you can party at all hours and in all places; clubs, the street and boats. Cyprus has a great nightlife and the friendly locals make sure you have a night to remember!

Perfect For The Explorers

The only problem you have when visiting Cyprus is trying to see everything on your list. There is loads to see and explore, both on dry land and under the sea. I loved visiting the Zenobia ship-wreck and also Mount Olympus.

The Island Of Love

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway then look no further than Cyprus. The beautiful scenery is the ideal setting to spend time with your loved one. Myth has it that if you swim around the Rock of Aphrodite you’ll be lucky in love, so make sure to give it a go.

Have you been to Cyprus or are you planning to go there soon? I would love to hear your thoughts, experiences and plans. All you have to do is put your comments in the box below, I am looking forward to reading them all.


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