7 Romantic Proposal Destinations

7 Romantic Proposal Destinations

Getting engaged is an important step in a relationship so it only makes sense that you would want to go somewhere spectacular. Here are a few areas in the world where you can be inspired to commit to each other for your journey through life together.


The Lake District

With an area of more than 1300 sq km to explore, The Lake District has spectacular scenic beauty to offer. It is a wonderful place for a romantic proposal and there are 16 glacial lakes, stunning waterfalls, trekking and cycling trails. Surrounded by beautiful nature is a great way to make a commitment to one another.

If you have children, you could let them be a part of the proposal so that they feel involved. If your children are young, make sure you choose accommodation which is child-proof but also stylish. The lovely thing about proposing somewhere relatively near-by is that you can return to the same place to celebrate future anniversaries.


Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park, named after the Yellowstone Caldera, is in Gardiner, Montana, USA. The area is known for its large collection of geysers and natural hot springs. The Old Faithful geyser, the Grand Prismatic Spring, Morning Glory Pool and Midway Geyser Basin are all great locations for a romantic proposal. You can also visit the Yellowstone River, Yellowstone Lake, Tower Fall and Shoshone Lake and enjoy an amazing swim in Boiling River.


Valley of Flowers National Park, India

Visit this location in the months between July and October to explore these trails that are covered with beautiful flora and fauna. It is located in Uttarkhand in Northern India and is covered in snow during the months from November to May.

The park has stunning views of the Himalayan mountains like Nanda Kot, Burphu Dhura and Bamba Dhura around it and the route to and from the park is gorgeous. The park is open during daylight hours and it is the ideal spot for a romantic proposal. If you love food, then you’ll have a great time here sampling the authentic Indian cuisine.  


Kinabalu Park, Malaysia

Over 5,000 plant species are located here and stunning plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers can be found at many different altitudes. Mount Kinabalu is the highest peak in the park and it is a great place for a romantic proposal. There are other beautiful sites to pop the question as well and you can visit Poring Hot Spring, Mount Tambuyukon, Kipungit Waterfall and Adenna Rafflesia Garden.


Parque Nacional Los Glaciares, Argentina

Parque Nacional Los Glaciares is a magnificent place to make a lifetime commitment to someone. The Perito Moreno Glacier is the only glacier in the world that is still growing. It is an amazing metaphor for the lifetime commitment of a marriage.


You can explore Fitz Roy Range without a guide so you can view the breathtaking scenery without outsiders. The landscape is truly inspirational and you can see gorgeous flora and fauna, glistening glaciers, brilliant green meadows and shimmering lakes that change colour with the changing light.



Paris is an incredibly romantic place for a proposal. You can ride to the top of the Eiffel Tower at night and pop the question with a stunning view of the city lights in the background. Of course, if you think proposing on the Eiffel Tower is too common, then there are plenty of other perfect proposal spots in Paris.


Wander along the banks of the Seine River and purchase a painting that will remind you of this momentous occasion. Stroll through the Louvre and be inspired by the beautiful paintings, sculptures, and other stunning pieces of history.



Bhutan is a stunning small kingdom with mountains, glaciers, spectacular monasteries, and amazing fortresses. The breath-taking backdrop of the Himalayas is the ideal place for a romantic proposal. There is plenty to do in Bhutan; you can go trekking, bird watching, or enjoy a romantic hot air balloon ride.


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