7 Tips for Stress-Free Airplane Travel with Kids

Traveling with children can present a variety of challenges. The key is to utilize strategies that address these potential issues to best ensure that a trip with kids proves enjoyable, and ends up an adventure that creates lifelong happy memories. There are seven tips you should consider employing to make airplane travel less stressful for you and your children.


Fly Early in the Day

Many parents make the decision to book a flight later in the day. They take this approach because they believe they will face less stress in the morning getting their kids ready to travel. In reality, the more ideal course to take is to book a flight early in the day.

By booking an early morning flight, you are less likely to face flight delays. In most cases, barring a weather issue, the first flights of the day depart on time. You will also find that by booking an early morning flight, you will be on an airplane that is less crowded than will be the case as the morning and day wear on. In addition, many fellow travelers will be tired at an earlier hour of the day, interested in napping on the flight. The same very well may hold true for your own children.


Seat Your Children Away from the Aisle

Keeping your children our of aisle seats enhances a number of elements associated with airplane travel. First, children are kept safer if they are not seated in aisle seats. Food and beverage carts can prove dangerous to children. For example, a child can quickly snatch a coffee pot, causing injuries in an instant.

In addition to safety, keeping kids out of aisle seats also lessens the odds that your children will engage in unnecessarily mischievous behavior. You can better control your children when seated in middle or window seats.


Beware of Germs

Typically, an airplane is a tube filled with germs aplenty. Make sure that your children keep shoes on when flying. The only exception is when they are fully seated. The moment your child needs or wants to get out of his or her seats, shoes must be on.

You will also want to pack plenty of hand sanitizer when traveling with the children. No matter how clean an airplane may appear, it is likely teaming with germs of different types, some of which can have serious consequences for a young person.


Pack Essentials for the Flight

Like most parents, you undoubtedly spend a good deal of time packing items for the time you and your children will be away from home traveling. In the midst of packing for the trip overall you must not overlook the importance of packing the right things for the flight itself.

The Federal Aviation Commission, or FAA, has come up with a list of important items that a parent should consider packing for a child’s airplane flight. These items include:

  • comfort item, like a blanket
  • sanitizer or hand wipes
  • tablet or smart phone with children’s favorite movies of shows
  • child-size headphones
  • art supplies, like crayons
  • plastic bag, for trash
  • water
  • low-sugar snacks


Prepare for Air Pressure

Air pressure can prove particularly problematic for children. They feel the pressure, but don’t necessarily understand what is going on. You need to take steps to prepare properly children for air pressure associated with takeoff and landing. On key, and often overlooked, strategy is something that is highly simple.

Have your children drink water directly after takeoff. You should also have a child drink water 20 to 30 minutes before the planned landing of an airplane. These two strategies typically prove helpful in moderating air pressure. Keep in mind that adults can follow this strategy as well when it comes to being more proactive in addressing the effects of air pressure.


Bring Surprises

Kids can become bored easily, as any parent knows. Boredom can be magnified on an airplane flight, particularly a longer one.

A simple strategy you can employ when traveling on a plane with children is to pack surprises for them. Wrap up little toys that will occupy your children for at least a bit. Children are also entertained by the unwrapping process.


Use Clothing Layers

Finally, lessen stress on an airplane flight with children by dressing them in layers. This allows you the ability to adjust for the variable temperature of an airplane. Avoid clothing items with buttons, using pullover shirts and the like instead. Also, avoid shoelaces, slip-ons making everything easier, including getting through TSA screening.


Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who writes for Documents International LLC, a leading apostille service for individuals and businesses.

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