About K And The Fam.

Meet The Family!

Our little family, through our ups and downs, take on everything the world has to throw at us. And here we stand, upon the hill, looking down at everything we have accomplished, the love we have for each other and the positivity we share with each other daily.

But what’s life without a little adventure – so we travel. We travel domestically, we travel internationally, we travel every opportunity we have. Often on whim when airfare is discounted and hotel deals are a plenty! So whether it’s a road trip through Yellowstone National Park, or scuba diving in Belize, we don’t let life pass us by.

Of course travel plays a huge role in our lives. Derek, my husband, used to be a tour-guide in East Africa for years so it’s in our blood. And I too loving nothing more than a glass of wine overlooking a spectacular vista on foreign shores, but travel isn’t everything.

We love our lives at home, we love the healthy lifestyle we have created. We love cooking, we loving fixing up our little castle, and I’m obsessed with my fashion. So I hope you join me on my blogging journey as we work out how to meander through this crazy life! K.