Aeolian Islands: Insider Tips

The Aeolian islands are easily the most beautiful islands you can find in Italy, and possibly in Europe. I have been fortunate enough to visit them on several occasions, each time I go back I fall more in love with the place.

Everything is perfect and just how an island adventure should be. You’ll discover volcanoes, crystal clear waters, mind-blowing cliff faces and also luxurious natural thermal springs – what’s not to love about this place?

I am sure just reading about what the Aeolian islands have to offer makes most of you want to visit. So after you’ve booked your flights, accommodation and the ferry to Aeolian, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to do when you arrive.

Here are two great tips I have learnt over the years of travelling to this captivating part of Scilly.

Pick Your Island Wisely

It is really simple to hop from one island to the next, but where you choose to stay is going to have an impact on your overall experience.

  • Lipari – this is the largest of the islands and is very busy with tourists during the summer months. The town, which is the only town of size in the Aeolians, has lots of touristy stalls, restaurants and cafes. It can get busy but it is the perfect island for those travelling on a budget or have arrived without booking a hotel.
  • Salina – this island takes second place in the battle of size in the Aeolians. I love it because it is so green and is definitely the most beautiful island. You’ll be able to go wine tasting in any of the lush vineyards dotted around Salina. Less tourist that Lipari, so if you like a peaceful, slow paced holiday this is the island for you.
  • Panarea – Small, exclusive, pricey and stunning, those are the best words to sum up Panarea. This is th island you head to for the nightlife – this is where the rich and beautiful come to play, they hangout in the exclusive clubs and bars here.

Forget The Beaches

If you’re going on holiday to the Aeolians then the first thing you need to do is forget about the beaches. The reason you’re going there is for the views, the blue waters and of course the volcanoes. There are only a few beaches to be found here, so the best thing to do is marvel in the natural beauty of the stunning coasts. If you’re feeling active then you can always hike up a volcano or even of snorkelling – on the other hand if you want to kick back and chill, then all you have to is find a bar with a stunning ocean view or take a dip in the volcanic thermal baths.

Have you been luck enough to visit the Aeolians? Please let us all know about your experiences, tips and more. Just pop your comments in the box below – I am really looking forward to reading everything you have to share.

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