Back to Nature – When Camping Gets an Upgrade

Back to Nature – When Camping Gets an Upgrade

Like many of you I love camping. Being out in nature with the birds chirping and fresh air is truly amazing. But there is one thing that I always feel lets the whole experience down – the tent! It seems that no matter how many times I go camping I still am not able to master the art of putting up a tent, then of course there’s the annoying regular occurrence of forgetting a peg or two.

The good news for all of us that love the great outdoors is that camping just got an upgrade. I would like to introduce you to glamping – the words glamor and camping have been meshed into one, bringing us the best way to holiday in the great outdoors.

This hot trend is sweeping the nation and it is here to stay. So forget about the tent and start thinking instead about unique teepee rentals for your next trip to nature, the Glamping Hub has everything you need to find the perfect place. You can also forget about having to hang up your wet clothes and instead open up a bottle of red and star at the stars.

Here are 3 great reasons why glamping, the camping upgrade, is a holiday we should all try and will certainly want to make you forget the tent forever.

Less Packing

When I have less to pack it means that I have less things to forget! You don’t need to pack your tent or all the other camping essentials when you go glamping – what a great way to start a holiday stress free. So you won’t need to pack the car within an inch of it’s life and then double check you’ve got everything you need to survive in the wild.

You can go anytime

When you’re planning a camping trip you always have to think about the weather because let’s face it, if you go at the wrong time of year you’ll freezing whilst you struggle to get to sleep. In a glamping resort you can get a great sleep in a huge heated bed, warm yourself up in your private hot tub or call the butler to bring you a cup of hot chocolate before bed.

Amazing locations

Unless you’re one of the survival experts you see on the discovery channel your list of locations for camping are limited. When you go glamping you’ll find yourself in some really remote and wild places. Nearly all glamping resorts are located in some of the most incredible locations nature has to offer. You could be deep in a forest, somewhere in a desert or waking up looking at the northern lights. Glamping resorts have opened up the possibility of how far you can go in to the wild.


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