The Best Flushing Toilets Consumer Reports

Choosing the best flushing toilets is important for your household, but figuring out just what is best flushing toilet can be a little more complex. We’re going to take a look at 10 of the best products and some of the top questions that people want to know when making their choice. So, let’s take a look at what you want to know when it comes to making your home work for you.

Flushing Toilets

The Best Flushing Toilets

Toto Drake II 

Available in four different shades of white, this toilet is actually 2 pieces, which makes it easier to install. It has an elongated bowl that’s more comfortable for most users and uses only 1.28 gallons per flush to help decrease your water bills. Quiet and strong with every flush, it uses double cyclone technology to make sure that everything is cleared away the first time. There’s also a specialty glaze over the entire thing that makes sure nothing is going to stick. That keeps the whole thing more sanitary for you and your family.

Made to an ideal height for a more natural sitting position, this toilet has a left-handed lever that’s made of chrome for a rust-resistant finish. It’s also an ADA compliant option that fits EPA WaterSense, California CEC and CALGreen certifications. All you need is the seat to go along with it and you’ll be able to get it set up in your home.

Toto Drake ADA

This toilet comes in a cotton white that will look clean and crisp in your bathroom. It’s also a two piece design and offers a high profile tank to hold more water. But that doesn’t mean that it’s going to use too much more. It uses 1.6 gallons per flush. ADA compliant, this toilet is situated at the most comfortable height for most users and even comes with a one year warranty that says it’s going to be durable and long lasting for home use. All you need to do is buy a toilet seat to finish it off. 

The high water pressure means fewer flushes to get everything down and the elongated style means that it’s going to be easier for most users. This unit also has a wider flush valve than the standard, which makes it even easier to flush and the siphon jet improves it even more. 

Toto Drake

Available in five different colors, this toilet offers some of the best features that Toto has to offer. It uses the G-Max flushing system, which is actually a commercial grade flush for home use. It also makes flushing quieter and more powerful than you would get elsewhere. The wide flush valve doesn’t hurt either, making sure that this toilet takes care of everything the first time around rather than needing to flush multiple times to get everything out of the bowl. The overall design of this toilet is meant to be simple but sleek as well.

You’ll have a comfortable, elongated toilet bowl though you will need to get a seat to go with it. This toilet isn’t quite under $200, but you’re getting close. It’s also simple to install, even if you decide to do it yourself rather than calling in a professional. 

Toto Eco Ultramax ADA

Here you’re getting a single piece toilet that’s designed to look sleek and stylish with a slightly smaller profile in your bathroom. It comes in a brilliant cotton white color with a SanaGloss finish that means particles don’t stick to the inside of the bowl. It has a wide flush valve and uses only 1.28 gallons per flush, which makes it more eco friendly than many other similar options. It’s ADA compliant and designed at an ideal height for most users, so you can sit comfortably. The elongated bowl helps with this as well.

The SoftClose seat is included, which means you don’t have to worry about anyone slamming down the lid but it will always be closed. It’s also complete with molded bumpers and top mounting bolts to make it simpler to install and safer for you and your entire family to use. 

Toto Drake

This version of the Toto Drake toilet has a round bowl, which is great for slightly smaller spaces. It also has a two piece design that makes it simple to install. Available in five different shades of white plus a jet black option, you’ll be able to choose something that really works for your style. Not only that but this is one of the best options you’re going to find under $200, especially with all of the features that you can expect, like the G-Max flushing system and the wide flush valve.

With this toilet you will need to get a seat, but you’ll have other features like siphon jet flushing to clear away all particles and a lower level of water consumption. This toilet uses 1.6 gallons per flush, which can save you money when it comes to your water bills. It also has a glazed trapway to make cleaning easy.

Toto Aquia IV Washlet

This toilet looks a little more modern but it’s a great option for home use. It’s a two piece toilet with dual flush, which makes it even better for your water bill and the environment. When you need more power you can use the 1.28 gallon per flush option or the 0.8 gallon per flush option for lesser needs. Either way you’ll have Dynamax Tornado flush, which provides cleaning power all the way around. The ceramic glaze makes sure nothing sticks to the bowl and the skirted look of the whole thing makes it easier to clean.

You’ll get a SoftClose seat included, which means you don’t need to buy extra pieces and you don’t have to worry about the lid slamming when someone forgets to put it down gently. This toilet is sleek and smaller in overall profile than many similar options.

Toto Aquia 

This small profile toilet offers you two different flushing options for whatever level of power you might need. You’ll have a 1.6 gallon per flush option for when you need more power and a 0.9 gallon per flush option when you don’t. It has a universal height as well as a long skirted style, which makes it look a little more sleek and stylish in your bathroom. It also comes in two pieces, so it’s simple to get the toilet base and the tank set up in your space.

The elongated seat makes it more comfortable and user friendly for most and the larger trap size is designed to keep everything clean and get plenty of power when you flush. Setting it up and fitting it into the rough-in is simple and means you’ll be able to start using this toilet in your bathroom in no time. 

Toto UltraMax II

The one-piece style of this toilet means you’re going to have fewer cracks and crevices that need to be cleaned. You’re also going to have a number of other positive features, like the smaller profile and the universal height. That makes it more comfortable for users. The elongated style of the seat is another important aspect when it comes to comfort. As for your water bill, you’ll like that this toilet uses only 1.28 gallons of water per flush and has Tornado flush system. That means it doesn’t use too much water but does have plenty of power.

ADA compliant, this toilet also fits WaterSense, CALGreen and CEC requirements. It also comes with a SoftClose seat so you don’t have to worry about anyone slamming it down. As for keeping it cleaner there’s a Cefiontect glaze which makes it easy to clear with just a flush. 

Toto Washlet with Integrated Toilet

If you want top of the line you’re going to want to look at this toilet. It’s actually more than just a standard toilet. It’s also a bidet. You’ll get two color options for this modern looking toilet and then you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to the bidet portion. You get auto open and close for the lid, a heated seat and a warm air dryer and deodorizer. There’s also Tornado flush, which makes sure everything gets cleared away easily and the toilet is ADA compliant and set to a universal height.

The bidet has both front and rear cleansing and it offers five different pressure settings and temperature adjustments so you can decide what’s comfortable for you. All you need to do is use the remote to change any of the settings you want, whenever you want. 

Toto Promenade II

If you want something that looks stylish and definitely lends a unique look to your bathroom you want to look at this toilet. It is a two piece system that features unique accents throughout, including the chrome handle. It’s set to a universal height and has an elongated seat, both of which make it more comfortable for the average user. You’ll also like that it only uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush, which makes it better for you and your water bill as well as the environment. This toilet comes in four different colors to make sure you get the right look.

You’ll also have Cefiontect glaze, which makes sur the bowl doesn’t hold onto any particles when you flush. And with the flush you’ll have a siphon style that ensures the toilet really does clear on the first try. It’s also ADA compliant. 


How to Get More Flushing Power From Toilet?

If you want to increase your flushing power the first thing to do is make sure your toilet isn’t clogged anywhere in the line. A clog can decrease the amount of water pressure that you get. You then want to remove the tank cover and check the water level. It should be at the line marked inside. Another option is to make sure that the holes at the rim of the toilet bowl aren’t clogged, which prevents water from getting sprayed out. And finally you can use bleach or a vinegar soak to clean the toilet. 

Why is My Toilet Not Flushing All the Way?

If you don’t have enough water in your tank it’s going to cause problems for your toilet flushing. You need to have adequate water to rush into the toilet bowl. If there’s not enough it doesn’t have the pressure necessary to force through the flush. Make sure your tank water is filled to the designated line. 

How to Fix a Noisy Toilet After Flushing?

1. Open the tank to your toilet and then flush the toilet to check where the sound is coming from. When the noise starts pick up the float ball and see if it fixes the problem.

2. Empty the tank and check the screws at the top of the fill valve. Unscrew these and disassemble the mechanism.

3. Replace the washer located at the bottom of the fill valve and then reassemble everything, putting it back in place.

4. If this doesn’t fix the problem you may need to replace the valve, which requires backtracking slightly to take out the valve and swap it for a new one.

What Does Flushing the Toilet While Showering Do?

Your cold and hot water lines are both necessary in order for you to get hot water. When you take a shower both of these lines are busy creating a comfortable temperature for your shower. When you flush the toilet it requires a lot of pressure and cold water, which takes that water away from the shower. This can result in too much hot water without cold water to balance it, making the shower much hotter.

How Long Should a Toilet Run After Flushing?

Generally your toilet should finish flushing in as little as 10 seconds. From there, however, it may still run for quite a while because it needs to refill. The refilling process can take upwards of 45 seconds and even up to 1 ½ minutes depending on the size of the tank and the amount of water that is needed. 


When it comes down to it you should now know what is the best flushing toilet on the market and you should be ready to make your decision. What do you want your home to look like? How do you want your bathrooms to look? Each of these toilets will make it easier to answer all of those questions. You just have to make the right choice for you.

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