The Best Marine Toilets of 2021 Review

One of the funniest things about life is that nature’s call is not a respecter of location. You would need to answer that urgent call anywhere, including at sea.

The good part is that doing that at sea is no longer an issue thanks to the presence of super-efficient and comfortable marine toilets that are available specifically to help you ease that pressing need.

Be it an electric toilet or a manual toilet, with a saltwater tank or otherwise, there are more than enough for you to choose from with enough features for you to consider.

Join in here to discover the best marine toilets, and choose the best marine toilet that is most suitable for you to get you through that anticipated sea voyage with ease.

Marine Toilets

What is A Marine Toilet?

A marine toilet is your basic functional toilet at sea. Unlike the normal ones at home, they are built to withstand the harsh conditions at sea while functioning just like them with enhanced features like lock safety pump, automatic vacuum breaker, and so on to ensure functionality.

There are different types of marine toilets, manual or electric-like the tmc electric marine toilet amongst others, and they are perfect for all types of marine vessels. Below is a quick review of the best marine toilets available.

How Do Marine Toilets Work?

Before you consider buying a marine toilet, you need to know the various types of marine toilets that are available in the market to know how they work, so you can choose the best marine toilet that suits your taste.

Manual Marine Toilets

Manual marine toilets are the types that require manual pumping to work. As the most common type of marine toilet, users can manually pump in either saltwater or fresh water to help drain the toilet.

A manual marine toilet is quite easy to set up as it does not require electric components and it’s also cheaper.

The major disadvantage associated with manual marine toilets is that they can clog easily and it takes some practice to know the proper way to use them as not everyone is familiar with them due to its hand pump system.

Electric Marine Toilets

Compared to a manual head, the electric marine toilets are electrically powered and the pumping function is automatic. With a simple push of the button, the entire pumping and waste system disposal cycle is done.

An electric head contains a built-in macerator in the unit which grinds up the solid waste for easy waste disposal and a scavenger pump.

Electric pumps are very easy to use thanks to the system inculcated into them, and this makes them a good choice for people who need a quick-action marine head.

On the downside, it has high power consumption as the electric pump requires a good deal of battery power and also uses a large quantity of water, that is why an electric marine head with a large liquid tank is advisable.

Portable Marine Toilet

A portable toilet is a perfect choice for small-sized boats and sea vessels or vessels that have small spaces for the bathroom.

The portability spans from their composition which is a combination of a water tank at the upper part and a holding tank which is the waste tank at the lower part.

They are good options for a short or one day-long trip, but not suitable for more extended trips as the waste tank needs to be emptied often.

Composting Toilets

Composting toilets are eco-friendly types of toilets and are the newest in the category of marine toilets.

A composting toilet contains two separate parts or compartments; one for liquid waste and the other for solid waste, a dry compartment.

Composting heads work on a mechanism that allows the solid waste to be mixed with components like peat moss, after which the composting process then commences in the composting tank.

Unlike electric toilets, manual toilets, and portable toilets, the composting toilets do not utilize water.

The entire composting process leads to less odor and it’s quite environmentally friendly.

The downside of a compost toilet is that if done wrong the entire process can lead to bug infestation.

How To Operate A Marine Toilet?

Marine toilets work like the usual products at home with a few minor differences, which nonetheless are set up to ensure proper functioning.

The minor differences in functionality are based on the various types of marine toilets. For instance, while the manual ones have most of their functionalities being carried out manually through a manual pump, the electric toilet requires some power to function. Most of its processes are automatic; some others come fitted with functionalities to prevent flooding, waste backflow, etc.

Be sure to find out the installation and function instructions set for each type of toilet to ensure that you operate it appropriately.

Top 7 Most Functional Marine Toilets

Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet

On long sea voyages, you would need a marine toilet that is reliable, comfortable, and easy to install.

All of these and much more are what you can find with Nature’s Head Toilet. Aside from being a very easy-to-install toilet set, this marine toilet is practical and eco-friendly in every way, making it a great candidate in the category of the best marine toilet.

Nature’s Head is a no-maintenance, self-composting with the help of peat moss and other composting materials; it has a long-lasting usage span and a quality 5-year warranty sea toilet perfect for seafarers who need low maintenance and safe toilet sets.

Another great feature of the reliable marine toilet is that it is odor-free.This is thanks to the low volume air circulation fan built into it that recycles the air and keeps it fresh, ensuring that irrespective of the high usage, your boat and vessel will be free from the usual pungent smell associated with other holding tank systems.

As a self-contained product, it has an easy emptying feature which makes it a  great choice for every marine vessel type from vacation lodges to yurts, trucks, and so on as it is designed to fit anywhere and function anywhere.

Nature’s Head is one of the best marine toilets as it is a huge improvement from the older composting head designs. 


  • Convenient and easy to install
  • Little to no maintenance
  • Strong and durable
  • Odor-free feature
  • Long-lasting with a 5-year warranty
  • Easy disposal


  • Constant disposal needed every 4-6 weeks

Jabsco 37010 Series Electric Marine Toilet

Luxurious, easy usage, electrical, and highly functional; these are some of the words describing the Jabsco  Electric Marine Toilet and some of the reasons it is amongst the best in the electric marine toilets.

The product is flexibly designed for overboard or holding tank discharge to give you toilet comfort even on the high seas. That’s  why the model is considered the best electric marine toilet.

One of the first prominent features of the series is its integrated self-priming flush pump. This feature brings sea, river, and even fresh water into the bowl with ease.

Built with a corrosion-resistant material, i.e., rust-proof materials, the Jabsco 37010 series allows seafarers to use both salt and fresh water service for flushing.

The product has a China bowl and a macerator pump with a dual function pump.

And it features a unique in-built waste backflow preventer that guards your toilet against flooding and waste return at all times, giving users a safe and hygienic experience.

Another huge bonus of the toilet is that it can be mounted at 1m above or below the waterline with the appropriate plumbing supplies.


  • Easy to install
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • In-built waste backflow stopper
  • Brings water into the toilet
  • Versatile and comfortable
  • A great choice for all vessel types


  • Non-functional without electricity
  • Blockages are common
  • Emptying solid wastes is problematic

Porta Potti Thetford Corp

As a manufacturer, Porta Potti has always been after creating and manufacturing products that meet the standard needs of its consumers, and Thetford Corp is one of those.

Reliable, modern, durable, unique, and highly functional, Thetford Corp Porta Portti is the kind of compact toilet that fits in every place, including the sea vessels.

Thetford Corp in terms of aesthetics, is a beautiful white or gray plastic toilet that dots a modern look with effectively designed features such as an ergonomic carrying handle that allows for easy installation and movement and a standard lid latch.

Asides from the design, the design has an exclusive rotating pour-out spout that allows for effective, easy, and efficient emptying without backsplashes.

In terms of its pumping capacity, it has a bellows pump flush and dons a dual function pump that contains a freshwater holding tank for freshwater flush with enough flushing water for up to 30 flushes and a wastewater tank.

The Thetford Corp features a standard sealed valve that keeps the odor from escaping in the holding tank and also has a deodorant sample included in the package.

Maintaining Thetford Corp is quite easy as the model possesses a  removable seat and seat cover for easy cleaning.  It is a great choice for those looking in the category of portable marine toilets, and it has a good 3-year warranty.


  • Compact and portable
  • Contains removable seat and seat cover
  • Has bellows pump flush
  • Rotating pour-out spout
  • Easy to install and move around
  • Sealed valve for odor prevention
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Not suitable for long sea voyages
  • Best for small vessels only

Jabsco Twist n’ Lock, Manual Marine Toilet

Not many products have the reputation that Jabsco has in its line. The reputation is thanks to the fact that as a marine toilet, it delivers exactly what is needed at all times.

Its unique name Twist n’ Lock is derived from its functional and conventional Twist n’ Lock feature that provides standard protection against flooding and waste backflow.

The model is unlike any kind of manual marine head. It comes with a self-priming flush pump that helps it to be set either above or below the waterline.

It’s made from corrosion-resistant materials giving it a long-lasting lifeline that allows for salt and freshwater flush.

Jabsco Twist n’ Turn features reversible mounting that gives users the option of installing the pump on the left or right side.

As a manual toilet, the toilet is ideal for all seafarers of all sizes as the product is available in  various sizes of regular and compact, and also fits all behind sizes.

Also, the design is suitable for both overboard and holding tank discharge processes.


  • Features the unique Twist n’ Lock 
  • Flexible and adjustable mounting feature
  • Available in different sizes
  • Easy pumping
  • Compatible with overboard and holding tank discharge processes
  • Easy maintenance


  • Probability of outlet leaks
  • Installation difficulties lead to leakage problems

Camco 41541 Portable Travel Toilet

In the category of portable toilets, Camco 41541 Portable Travel Toilet beats its challenger hands down.

It is a marine toilet that is suitable for all travels, from camping to RV trips, and other leisure activities in general, including sailing.

Despite being in the category of a portable marine toilet, it has a huge holding tank that is suitable for getting rid of a large volume of human waste. 

Camco comes with a secured slide valve that helps seal odor from diffusing in the air and also helps to prevent leakage that may occur due to constant movement.

To add to all these, it has side latches to lock the holding tank to the toilet to prevent damaging dislocations.

And in addition, the wastewater tank is easily detachable and gives you easy access to conveniently dispose of waste whenever needed.

Camco marine products are highly versatile and great fit for tight spaces. It also features a bellows-type pump for water flushing.


  • Detachable holding tank for convenience
  • Slide latches
  • Large flush capacity
  • Slide valves to seal odor
  • Leakage prevention
  • Bellows-type flush
  • Reliable and compact
  • Versatile and comfortable


  • Small space fitting

Porta Potti 92306 White Thetford Corp

As another product from Porta Portti, the 92306 White Thetford Corp is a great choice for seafarers after marine toilets that are versatile and highly functional.

This marine toilet features a unique look that includes a sleek and minimalistic design that accentuates its functionalities. The model  is much like the toilet in every home as it offers comfort and allows its users to relax and enjoy their time while answering nature’s call.

One of the toilet features includes its ergonomic holding grip that allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. Porta Portti also features a tank level indicator that helps you to know the exact level of fresh water and wastewater available in the tanks.

The product also has an integrated lavatory paper or toilet paper container to help keep your tissue paper handy. Besides, it  has a tightly secured valve that protects against the diffusion of unpleasant smells and spillages.

The presence of a revolving pour-out spout that empties the wastewater tank and toilet paper  makes it much easier without backsplashes and spillages.

To ensure this marine product stays in place, there is a well-fitted product with a hold-down kit that secures it firmly to the floor, keeping it steady even in turbulent times.

As a compact toilet, the product is a great option for sea vessels of all kinds and even land vehicles like RVs. The marine toilet is quite comfortable with an averagely adequate seat height, a large toilet bowl size, and also features a battery-powered flush.


  • Firm securing to the floor
  • Odor-free
  • Leak-proof
  • Integrated tissue holder
  • Tank level indicator
  • Versatile with great aesthetics


  • Pumping problems may arise

Johnson Pumps 80-47435-01 AquaT Compact Standard Electric Marine Toilet

Looks, design, and functionality are all top-notch when it comes to the Johnson Pumps. For sailors that like a practical and highly functional marine toilet, this is the best marine toilet in the category.

In terms of design, this electric marine toilet has a glass-like porcelain bowl which makes it quite difficult for dirt to stick on it.

Built with corrosion-free materials, this electric marine toilet can stand and survive every situation without giving its users a rust issue. Be it ocean salts or sanitation systems chemicals, it will stand the test of time.

Not to forget its combined pump unit that is set for human waste flush-out and also disposal.

As one of the best electric marine toilets, it is a great choice when considering hygiene as it is quite easy to clean and maintain thanks to its material make.

Compared to its counterpart that requires a hand-powered piston pump or a hand pump to function, this model uses electricity which is much more convenient.

Johnson Pumps is quite easy to install and it features a standard fastening that aids convenient usage.


  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Hygienic and safe
  • Standard fastenings
  • Combined pump unit
  • Compact with simple design
  • Easy installation
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance


  • No odor prevention

What To Keep in Mind When Selecting A Marine Toilet?

Sizes of Marine toilets

Marine toilets come in different sizes, and they all depend on the space size available on your vessel.

If the available space in your vessel is big, you can use the likes of an electric toilet that might require some space for installation and fitting. And for those who have smaller rooms, portable marine toilets are readily available.

The Material Make of Marine Toilets

The different types of marine toilets are made from different materials.

Due to the conditions at sea, it is important to look out for durable materials that will stand the test of time, and that would be easy to maintain also.

While some are ceramic made, others are porcelain made, vitreous china bowl, and others are plastic. Each type of material has its advantages.

For instance, the plastic material is lighter in weight, while the porcelain is heavier, but it looks more like the ones at home having wooden seats for comfort, and easy to clean.

Hence, look for what works fine for you and what makes you feel more comfortable altogether. 

Comfort When Using the Toilet

No one likes to be cramped when using the toilet. Therefore, comfort is a big component to consider when looking out for the best marine toilets available.

Many marine toilets are designed to give the highest comfort level, with incorporated features like seat height, smart flush control, and many others. To make the best choice, while surfing for these toilets, do well to check out reviews from other users to get a deeper insight into how comfortable the product is. Some of the tips for choosing comfortable toilets include the height, shape of the toilet bowl, various flush mechanisms, and either one-piece or two-piece products.

Maintenance And Upkeep

Using marine heads is not the issue; the issue is maintaining it.

Before purchasing marine toilets, consider the maintenance process of the entire set and its parts, like the toilet bowl, water tank, and other parts. How well will you be able to maintain all these parts hygienically?

Consider the make of the marine toilets and the toilet bowls. Marine heads with ceramic or porcelain bowls are easy to clean as stains and dirt can be easily wiped off.

Review the type of marine sanitation device necessary to maintain the marine toilet. Note that there might be a difference in the one suitable for manual heads, electric heads, and so on.

Other things to think about regarding maintenance are odor containment, water supply, water needs, power supply, etc.

Also, note that you need to clean a marine toilet regularly.

Parting Thoughts

Choosing the most suitable marine toilet is not an easy task as it requires a great deal of understanding of what is available and what you really need. And the article above is just a simple guide to enlighten you on things to look out for and what the best choices in the market are considered to be.

Whatever your final choice may be, keep in mind that there are countless options of the best marine toilets available, and at your service, all that is important is knowing what you are after and making the right choice.

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