The Best Self Cleaning Toilets of 2021

Many homeowners can agree that the best self-cleaning toilets are a dream for us. A toilet that cleans your bottom and cleans itself; who doesn’t want that?

Hygiene has always been on the frontline when it comes to topics of bathroom facilities and their use. Nevertheless, with innovative technologies launched every year, toilets with self-cleaning and bidet features have come to stay.

What you have to note, however, is that these toilets are at the top of the price range and it’s not uncommon for buyers to pay heavily and then lose heavily after buying an unsuitable, unusable, or poorly-designed toilet. So, which are the best, and how do you choose the best self-cleaning toilets?

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Best Self Cleaning Toilet: Review of 8 Best Models

Mainly considering their smart, hygienic, advanced functionalities, and other features, we have helped you handpick 8 outstanding models from what are considered the best self-cleaning toilets models on the market.

Toto MS920CEMFG#01 Washlet with Integrated Toilet G400

Arguably, no brand in the high-end toilet accessory market is as popular as Toto. Their washlets are impossible to ignore if you’re making a list of the best modern, and hygienic toilet pieces that bring comfort to the bathroom

This Toto self-cleaning toilet is a cotton white flush type washlet; that is, a spray toilet with a bidet seat that is designed to clean the user’s bum. So, the Toto washlet does the double function of cleaning itself and the user.

This is thanks to its front and back warm spray water cleansing technology which includes 5 adjustable pressure and temperature settings. You should also note that it also has the Tornado Flush system.

The toilet with a standard height also has special features like the CEFIONTECT toilet glaze and the PreMist function. This results in a toilet bowl with an easy-clean surface that prevents waste from adhering. To use it, you have to connect the power outlet to a lower outlet via a plug.


  • Lid opens up and closes automatically
  • CAL Green and ADA compliant
  • Certified as water-efficient by EPA’s WaterSense
  • Standard height
  • Automatic dual flush technology
  • Includes a remote control


  • Quite heavy
  • Highly priced

2. WOODBRIDGE B-0960S Smart Bidet Seat Toilet with Integrated Dual Flush

The Woodbridge model is a smart toilet with a bidet seat that is integrated with dual flush technology. It’s a reference model in terms of intimate cleaning and material strength.

The cleaning is particularly intensive due to the strong shower jet and the flushing system makes it probably the best flushing toilet that is built to clean itself. You can regulate the strength of the shower jet to suit your needs.

In addition, it’s possible to adjust the water and seat temperature in six levels; you can heat the seat and spray your bottom with warm water.

The toilet has a wind drying function that is adjustable in six levels – all this makes it an ideal toilet system for cold environments.


  • Automatic gravity flushing system
  • Movable massage cleaning
  • Manual and remote flushing option
  • Flush mechanism controllable manually or by remote
  • Slow and automatic opening and closing of lid


  • Doesn’t have bolt holes for floor installation
  • Clogs faster if not careful

3. WOODBRIDGE B0980S Smart Toilet with Elongated Bowl

The Woodbridge is a multifunctional one-piece toilet system with a smart toilet seat, integrated bidet features and is less expensive than its previous version, the WOODBRIDGE B0960S. The toilet attachment has manual cleaning and fully automatic nozzle cleaning before and after each use.

The electric toilet that is connectible to your electrical outlet has a self-cleaning function with an enema function, making it a perfect toilet for the relief of hemorrhoid problems.

When you’re done, the nozzle, when activated through the remote control, sprays warm water into the rectum. This ensures good hygiene and is great for medical reasons. The seat is made of high-quality, antibacterial material. The showerhead, which is replaceable, is made of stainless steel. You can close the lid gently by gently tapping on the soft-closing mode.

Thanks to innovative tank technology, the bidet toilet attachment provides permanent warm water without heating phases. The entire toilet installation material is included in the package and you will be able to easily assemble the main toilet and cleaning system yourself using the assembly instructions.


  • Dual flush system
  • Includes a heated seat with an air dryer
  • Automatic opening and closing
  • Soft closing seat
  • Same function as with more expensive models


  • Nothing to complain about

4. WOODBRIDGE T-0008 Luxury With Advanced One Piece Bidet Toilet Seat

Yet another WOODBRIDGE model, this is an advanced, elongated, and luxurious toilet system. The Woodbridge T-0008 smart toilet has an integrated bidet with a warm water wash and an air-drying feature. For easy and fast cleaning solution, the toilet features a seat with QuickRelease.

It is a one-piece toilet with a low-profile skirting design, comfort height, high efficiency, and a water-saving feature. For hygienic use, you have a rear wash, feminine wash, and pulsating wash system. The pressure level of the water is adjustable. It’s heatable and you can use warm water unlimitedly. The heated seat is adjustable in 5 different temperature settings.


  • Includes an energy-saving mode
  • Useful bidet function
  • Adjustable seat temperature
  • Easy to install
  • Self-cleaning stainless steel nozzle


  • Bidet seat not cleaning or drying as expected

5. TOTO MW644584CEFG#01 One-Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF Toilet and S350e Bidet Seat

Those who love the ease of cleaning of one-piece toilets are in luck; the toilet set with UV light includes a classic toilet and an S350e bidet seat. Made of durable vitreous china construction with a CEFIONTECT glaze, bowl friction is reduced to the barest minimum and it’s thus easy to clean.

The bidet integration is a WASHLET+ that is designed to hide the power cord and the water supply. Equipped with an innovative Tornado flush system, the toilet bowl makes use of 1.28 GPF, well below WaterSense’s 1.6 gallons per flush maximum water consumption recommendation. It keeps your water usage down by as much as 20 percent.


  • Heats water in an instance
  • Automatic lid opening and closing
  • Features an air dryer
  • Up to 20 percent water saving
  • Tornado flushing mechanism


  • Not a dual flush toilet

6. TOTO MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest Toilet

With a toilet bowl made of ceramic and finished with Sanagloss that is bacteria repellent, the Neorest toilet is never in doubt. This, therefore, offers users an immense water-saving possibility. EWATER+ electrolyzed water cleans the inner parts of the bowl surface as well as the bidet wand.

The toilet only consumes 1.0 gallons of water per flush at maximum, at an ultra-high efficiency. It’s a dual flush toilet; that is, asides from the 1 GPF flush, you have the 0.8 GPF partial flush option which results in up to 45 percent water savings, compared to standard toilets.

The Neorest toilet is a self-flushing toilet with an automatic flush system that has hands-free operation, sleek design, deep clean cycles, and warm dryer. The bidet seat has aerated gentle water spraying feature with pulsating and oscillating features.


  • High-quality glaze bowl
  • Low water consumption
  • Cyclone siphon flush system
  • Lid opens and closes automatically
  • Cleans with electrolyzed water
  • Has air deodorizer, heated seat, and warm air drying function


  • Proximity sensor of the toilet too sensitive
  • Manual system of opening and closing lid not well-thought-out

7. American Standard 714AA154.020 Toilet With ActiClean Right Height Elongated Toilet Bowl

Here’s a toilet with a water tank, an elongated bowl, and an automatic opening and closing toilet seat. Why it has made our list of the best self-cleaning toilets is its ActiClean feature and 1.28 GPF or GPM water use. One of the things we love about this model is its low weight and ease of installation.

Made of durable vitreous china, it’s an under $500 toilet that weighs just 50 pounds; that’s half the weight of the models we’ve seen in the review – from the Toto toilets to the Woodbridge bidet toilets. However, we don’t count this as an advantage. The secret behind its low weight is that the cleaning system doesn’t feature a bidet system.

However, the ActiClean cleaning solution ensures it self-cleans with the press of just a button. Coming with a supply of cleaning solution that can last for nine weeks, the toilet has two cleaning options: the Deep Clean cycle and the Quick Cleaning cycle.


  • Includes a slow close seat
  • Self-cleaning feature activates with a button touch
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble one-piece toilet
  • Includes a deep clean cycle
  • Reasonable price


  • Doesn’t feature an integrated bidet
  • A bit difficult to install

8. KOHLER K-4026-0 One-Piece Elongated Toilet with Bidet Functionality

Also made by one of the best toilet brands, KOHLER system is a one-piece toilet with a bidet function and a skirted design. Made of china material, the KOHLER K-4026-0 has an elongated bowl and 12-inch rough-in. Despite its elongated design, the Kohler model is still compact for small toilet spaces and all bathroom styles.

What differentiates the Kohler toilet from other models is its intelligence – it’s equipped with a touchscreen wireless remote control that makes your preferences easy to select. Asides from that, the compact toilet has a self-cleaning wand, a heated seat, and air drying functionality.


  • Complies to WaterSense standards
  • Compact and space-saving
  • Self-cleaning bidet wand and night light
  • Automatic flush system
  • Seat opens and closes with a motion sensor
  • Uses just 1.28 GPF of water


  • No energy-saving feature

Considerations before you buy a self-cleaning toilet

Most of the self-cleaning toilets combine the advantages of standard toilets and bidet. They enable cleaning of the intimate area as well as normal use of the toilet. This also saves space in your bathroom as you don’t have to set up an additional bidet seat.

There is a lot of technology in the toilet type. Seat heating, for example, makes visiting the toilet a pleasant experience. For digital fans, some apps can be used to control some models. The water pressure and temperature is adaptable to your needs.

Next, we will see how to choose a self-cleaning toilet by prioritizing features such as:

Adjustable temperature and pressure settings

The spray arm for the water jet only appears after actuating the control. The water jet is probably the most important element in a self-cleaning toilet. It gently cleanses your bottom and almost eliminates the need for the use of tissue paper. The self-cleaning toilet is therefore not only good for your hygiene but also good for the environment.

However, there are a few details that you should pay attention to so that the use of your self-cleaning toilet does not turn out to be an unpleasant surprise. You should be able to adjust the water pressure to suit your needs.

Imagine that you are sitting on the toilet while a jet of water shoots water at your body with the strength of a garden hose. That it is more than uncomfortable certainly does not need to be explained further at this point. But not to worry; the great thing is that a self-cleaning toilet with hot water can also be regulated with regard to the water jet pressure. This kind of product gives you full control over the cleaning process.

The water sprays from a nozzle on a spray arm that is hidden under the toilet seat. The self-cleaning wand with the nozzle only extends when the corresponding command is given via the control. You also regulate the water jet pressure via the control. All models but one in the self-cleaning toilets we compared have this setting.

Seat heating

A seat heater integrated into the toilet seat is not reserved for science fiction or the super-rich. With a self-cleaning toilet, you may bring the luxury into your own four walls.

Heated seats will make going to the toilet into a pleasant experience, especially on cold days or in the early morning. With the heating function, the temperature can be regulated up to over 40°C.

Practical cleaning with the warm air dryer

A warm air dryer rounds off the hygienic toilet as it makes the toilet even more ergonomic, usable, and maintainable.

If you want to do without toilet paper completely, you will fall in love with a self-cleaning toilet that includes a hot air dryer. After the gentle cleansing with the water jet, the hairdryer dries your intimate area with warm air.

It is therefore no longer necessary to finish cleaning by dabbing with toilet paper. Your skin remains untouched and is gently treated by the airflow. In addition, your paper consumption is reduced to a minimum.

Soft-closing or automatic closing mechanism

Surely a toilet lid has once slipped out of your hand and landed on the ceramic of your toilet with a loud crack. You are not alone in this but an automatic soft-close seat solves the problem.

A toilet including a quiet automatic lowering mechanism ensures that the raised toilet seat returns to its folded-down starting position as gently and silently as possible. This not only prevents loud noises but also makes your toilet use safer.

If you have small children in the house, they will be able to use the toilet without the help of an adult supervisor without, for example, getting their fingers caught under the lid. However, it is more likely that a toilet will be damaged if the lid falls unchecked. An automatic lowering function prevents the situation as well.

Control your self-cleaning toilet via APP

Studies show that using the smartphone is one of the top things to do when visiting the toilet. You may quickly answer the last e-mail or read the latest news and the manufacturers of self-cleaning toilets are picking up on this trend.

By synchronizing the hygiene toilet with the smartphone app, the functions can be operated conveniently via your phone – but that’s not all. In times of health self-optimization, there are a lot of features that let you monitor and analyze your habits and, if necessary, be made aware of possible illnesses.

Odor extraction thanks to the automatic air deodorizer feature of these toilets prevents any feeling of shame and keeps your toilet smelling fresh.

The smell is probably one of the most unpleasant side effects of going to the toilet. Especially if you have guests in the house or if the toilet is constantly used by different people, the thought of big business causes some to feel ashamed or even panic.

In the worst case, these inhibitions mean that the people concerned cannot do their business. A toilet with odor extraction handles the problem.

Note: A toilet with odor extraction will of course not completely replace regular ventilation. Despite the odor extraction system, we recommend that you supply your bathrooms with sufficient fresh air by opening a window.


What is the best self-cleaning toilet?

The best self-cleaning toilet seats are models with easy-to-clean materials and finish, bidet wand integration, and which have extensive additional functions. Our options of the best self-cleaning toilets are the Toto MS920CEMFG#01 and the WOODBRIDGE B-0960S. Made by experienced manufacturers in the industry, these modern toilets have bidet integration, have high value for money, have smart design integrations, and save water, reducing your water bill.

What are the most important considerations before you buy a self-cleaning toilet?

While choosing self-cleaning toilets, features to consider include the finish, (the bowl surface must be glossy, easy to clean, and antibacterial), the bidet wand (for those who want a toilet that doesn’t require the use of toilet papers), the cleaning cycles, automatic closing system, and extra features such as the dryer, adjustable temperature and pressure, as well as the seat heating.

Are there toilets that clean themselves?

Yes, there are. Self-cleaning toilets are new toilet designs with cleaning functions that keep your toilet bowl clean. They are made by most of the popular brands on the market; from Toto to American Standard, Woodbridge, and Kohler.

What are they and how do they work?

Self-cleaning toilets have a fixture that self-cleans the toilet, keeping it disinfected, with regular cleaning. In addition, these toilets also have bidet wands that spray warm water into the rectum of the toilet user, cleaning him. Self-cleaning toilets reduce stains and ensure simple maintenance.

Traditional vs self-washing toilets: which is better?

Of course, self-washing toilets are better and more efficient than standard toilet models. These modern toilets are ideal for hygienic and medical use. They are recommended for people with hemorrhoids. However, as you may have thought, they are very expensive, but very ecologically friendly, promote hygiene, remove toilet odor, and make toilet maintenance a breeze.

How much does a self-cleaning toilet cost?

Self-cleaning toilets have an expansive price range of around $200 to more than $2,000. The cost of the toilet is determined by the brand, the integrated features, and the design. Self-cleaning toilets with bidet integration are often the most expensive. It all depends on your taste and needs.


A self-cleaning toilet is a future-oriented investment with many amenities. It’s ideal for regular, hands-free cleaning and the cleaning of the toilet user’s rectum. If, after reading our purchase advice, you are still unsure whether it makes sense to buy a self-cleaning toilet, a look at the advantages, but also the disadvantages, may help. The advantages are that they come at a high price and they are not easy to assemble and set. However, what we like most about them is they combine the advantages of a bidet and toilet, are more hygienic and ensure regular cleaning, and have extensive additional functions.

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