The 7 Best Smart Toilets of 2021

From the traditional toilet, which includes tank and side flushing levers to today’s best smart toilets, toilet systems have come a long way as environmental concerns and technology push people to seek eco-friendly and comfortable products. 

As manufacturers continue to push for eco-friendly products that are respectful to the environment, the incredible toilets are designed to save water and provide various additional functional and ergonomic standards that are not available in traditional units. 

The best smart toilet manufacturers are going well above and beyond in providing toilets that include smart features like emergency flushing systems, heating functions, self-cleaning systems, or mp3/Bluetooth capabilities. The additional features make the toilets cost a lot more, but the value they offer makes them worth it.


What Are Smart Toilets?

They are modern bathroom toilets that use advanced integrated technology that allows great user interaction. They have a wide range of outstanding features including LED lights, an integrated music function, or a washing and drying function. Added to this is the significant water savings. Imagine going to the bathroom without ever having to touch the smart toilet seat or even the toilet paper! And it is a reality for most perfect toilets on the market.

To complete the search for the best units, you have to differentiate between a good smart toilet and a normal one. One must think about how much space you have in the bathroom to get a high-quality toilet of the perfect size and style. Things like unit water usage are crucial for those who are water conscious or don’t have a lot of water to spare. The durability of the material and the warranty coverage are just a few of the little things that can make a difference.

7 Best Smart Toilets on the Market

After days of searching for different products in the smart toilet industry, we came up with a list of possible products that may interest you. It may be beneficial for you to take a look at our in-depth product review, and the buying guide to see which one catches your eye.

BioBidet Prodigy Advanced Toilet and Auto-Open Lid

The BioBidet Prodigy is an intelligent toilet with a lot of great features such as the bidet integration, its tankless design, and the dual smart flush system. Also, the toilet has an expanded comfort seat and an automatically opening lid, a heating system, as well as water temperature-controlled wash functions.

Its lid automatically opens when the smart toilet senses a user is approaching. Likewise, the luxury toilet closes automatically and slowly when you’re done. Furthermore, the BioBidet Prodigy has a night light which helps locate it in lowlight conditions. The toilet uses the right size of flush as needed, circulating the bowl and flushing debris away thanks to a powerful jet flushing system. You get two things here: an effective flush system and water saving.


  • Tankless design for compactness and aesthetics
  • Closes slowly and automatically
  • Simple to install Quick Release seat
  • Adjustable water temperature
  • Smart water-saving automatic flushing
  • Three years of warranty


  • The cleaning nozzle ought to come further out

WOODBRIDGE B-0960S B0960S Smart Bidet Seat with Warm Air Dryer

The Woodbridge B-0960S makes every nature’s call an adventure, thanks to its smart toilet seat among other features such as the convenient remote control system. The Woodbridge one-piece automatic toilet is a contemporary toilet system that has many advanced features, including an energy-saving mode. In addition, the luxury smart toilet offers a low skirted design that makes cleaning easy, offers simplicity, compactness, and aesthetics, thanks to the night light from the toilet bowl.

You have hygiene features for home use such as the feminine wash, posterior wash, pulsating wash, and hygienic filtered water system. Moreover, for ergonomics, there are advanced features such as the water heater, warm air dryer, adjustable heated seat which features 5 adjustable water pressure settings.


  • Self-cleaning wand
  • Has an energy-saving mode
  • Offers gentle massage
  • Adjustable water pressure
  • Warm air dryer and heated seat
  • Includes a smart wireless remote control


  • You may have to flush several times

Toto MS920CEMFG#01 1.28-GPF/0.9-GPF Washlet with Integrated Toilet G400

Certified by EPA’s WaterSense, this Toto system is a bidet washlet which includes an integrated floor-mounted toilet. It’s a compact toilet that includes a one-piece design; the whole set includes a bidet and a smart toilet seat. It’s an intelligent toilet system that has an elongated bowl that can be mounted directly on the floor. What’s more? You can adjust the water pressure.

Practically, the positioning of the nozzle can be adjusted according to your needs. Apart from the nozzle, also note that the water flow can be adjusted from 0.9 to 1.28 gallons per flush. Ready to install, the bidet will come with a mounting kit.

The materials that constitute the ideal toilet are completely hygienic. In addition, the smart toilet seat is very easy to clean. The water flow the toilet provides can be adjusted in great precision.


  • Features an adjustable water pressure
  • Automatically opens and closes
  • Effective Tornado flush system
  • Universal height design
  • Convenient hands-free operation
  • ADA compliant and certified by WaterSense


  • The price is high
  • You still need to hand clean the toilet

EUROTO One-Piece Dual Flushing System, Integrated Bidet and Heated Seat

Another popular smart toilet system with great value for money is the Euroto One-Piece Toilet. It is a one-piece toilet system that includes an integrated bidet. The model has smart toilet features such as a warm air dryer, a heated seat, an automatic open and close bidet toilet seat. What we feel satisfied with is the adjustable seat temperature via a provided wireless remote.

Besides, the intelligent toilet has a foot infrared sensor by the side which activates the lid and causes the smart toilet to open as you come near to use the toilet. This is the latest toilet system design – it’s a 2021-designed tankless toilet system. One of the special features we like about it is that the bidet nozzle extends to the center and has several functions such as the oscillating and rear massage as well as the front and rear warm water cleanse system.


  • Includes several hygienic cleaning features
  • Flushes automatically
  • Very powerful and quiet dual flush toilet
  • Tankless design that saves space
  • Will enhance your bathroom decor


  • None

KOHLER K-4026-0 Karing Skirted One-Piece Elongated Toilet with Bidet Functionality

Here’s another smart toilet that features a bidet integration. It’s a compact and space-saving one-piece toilet whose bowl is made in a China material. This toilet system meets EPA’s WaterSense criteria as a water-saving toilet. The toilet uses 1.28 GPF, saving up to16500 GPF annually as it uses around 0.32 GPF less water per flush as per WaterSense’s recommendation. The smart toilet saves water considerably without affecting the performance.

Another great thing is the remote control that comes with the product – the remote has a touch screen and is easy to use. The bidet has advanced functionalities such as a self-cleaning nozzle, an air-drying feature, and a heated seat.


  • Advanced bidet functionality
  • Wireless touchscreen remote controller
  • Bowl illuminated by LED night light for convenience
  • Can be automatically activated by motion


  • Seems too heavy for its size

Ove Decors Smart Toilet Elongated Tankless Toilet With Built-in Bidet

What impresses us most about the Ove Decors smart toilet are its built-in bidet, tankless one-piece design, soft-close seat, and ECO mode. Moreover, it’s a superb toilet that you can easily control via the provided wireless remote.

The Ove Decors smart toilet is similar in design to the KOHLER K-4026 in that it’s also a one-piece toilet that has a low-profile skirted design. The bowl is elongated and the lid locks in place seamlessly. Also, it’s a comfort height system that is ADA accessible and compliant.


  • Low profile skirted design
  • Remote controller for easy access
  • Seamless look and easy to clean
  • Automatically warms the toilet seat
  • Adjustable temperature settings for the warm air dryer
  • Convenient soft-close seat


  • The backside not well cleaned during flushing

TOTO MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest

The biggest upside of the Toto Neorest is that, according to the manufacturer, this smart toilet saves you 45% of water when compared to the other traditional toilets. The product has a dual flush system that uses, at maximum, 1.0 GPF, meanwhile, the low automatic flush uses just 0.8 GPF. This ensures you can save up to 11.5 gallons a day.

In addition, we also liked the universal height capability of the toilet, as this ensures a wide range of users – kids, teens, adults, seniors, and the handicapped – can use it.


  • Automatically opens and closes
  • Great value for money
  • High water savings
  • Universal height makes it ideal for all
  • A lot of comfort features


  • Hypersensitive sensor; sprays toilet thinking it’s about to be used
  • Ineffective flushing; no double cyclone flushing system

Buying Guide: What to Look Out for Before Buying Smart Toilets

Now that you have seen a few of the models we consider to be the best smart toilet systems, next, we will tell you the features and criteria to consider before buying one. Also, in this purchase guide, we will answer some of the questions you may have been asking or that are worth asking.

Intelligent toilets come at a high price, therefore no mistakes should be made. Therefore, here are some things to take into consideration before choosing smart toilets for your bathroom.

There are smart toilet seats to suit all budgets and some have many features. In addition to the economic aspect, it can be noted that their installation is much simpler than replacing your entire system.

Mechanical or electronic smart toilets

There are various types of smart toilets: the mechanical and the electronic models:

Electric or electronic toilets 

On the market, you will find electric smart toilets that have bidets for cleaning. These offer various possibilities to choose the temperature of the water jet and the power of the jet flushing system. You can also enjoy hot air drying. In addition to these basics, many smart toilets of this type offer other features such as the heated seats, air deodorizer, and silent closing. They work by being connected to the mains through their plugs.

Mechanical toilets

Most smart toilets require electricity. However, there are also smart toilet systems that work without electricity, which are cheaper than electric models. These products are easy to install and do not require a connection to the mains. These toilets offer the advantage of cleaning with a water jet, as well as other functions such as the shock-absorbing closure or the anti-bacterial seating.

The shape

The inside and outside of your mart toilet are important points to look at. The toilets are obtainable in a lot of shapes and sizes. You can decide to choose luxurious toilets that have bowls that are bigger than 28 inches. Equally, you can choose smaller and more affordable designs – it’s up to you. On the market, you’ll find different types of smart toilets regarding their shapes; these can be categorized into traditionally shaped toilets and conventional toilets. Conventional toilets usually have a one-piece, low profile skirted design, usually fitting a small space while you can also choose an oversized two-piece one.

Self-cleaning toilet bowls and bidets

What’s the essence of spending a lot on a toilet while still having to manually clean it yourself? That’s why smart toilets have some hygienic features.

Features like the self-cleaning wands in the bidets are found in smart toilets for their effectiveness. The cleaning nozzles or wands use many features to ensure they are in sanitation.

Thanks to their UV LED lights and electrolyzed water, the bidet nozzles can get rid of bacteria, always ensuring you are in a safe zone. Again, don’t choose models from minor brands. These are luxury products and some brands make use of regular water which can be ineffective sanitary-wise.

The remote control and control panel

Remote controls, whether fixed, connected or wireless, are part of the smart toilet system. They help you use the toilet without much of a problem. There are models which have a complete control system or just a simple remote controller.

The material of construction

The choice of material is a criterion that will depend mainly on the use you have planned, as well as the type of equipment you have chosen.

In general, ceramic toilets are always for fixed models, requiring wall or floor installation. These are ideal for supporting heavy loads, especially for people who have large builds. Moreover, ceramic is also a high-quality material, offering a chic and elegant side to the room.

On the other hand, plastic toilets are ideal and found in bidet-integrated toilets. Nevertheless, we advise you to bet on polymer, a non-toxic and antibacterial material, allowing you to ensure good personal hygiene.

The bidet nozzle

All bidet toilets generally allow the production of a directional water jet thanks to a bidet nozzle that is designed to extend out and in. The nozzle helps in cleaning the user up and helps you save or eliminate the need for toilet roll. The bidet nozzle should be extendable all the way to the center. Most of them have several functions such as the rear and front wash as well as the oscillating and rear massage.

The extra functions

Other functions that can be mentioned are the air deodorizing function, which allows choosing hot water, warm water, cold water, the function that allows adjusting the water jet, and the air dryer function that allows you to dry your intimate areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use smart toilet?

Using a smart toilet is very simple; sometimes, you don’t even need to do anything to use them. When you approach it, some models will open automatically, wet the surface, and heat the bidet toilet seat. After using the toilet, as usual, you will use the remote control or the integrated controller to choose a program. Select front or rear cleaning according to your needs. All you have to do is let the water jet clean you without you having to move. Once this step is completed, you can use the drying option if your toilet has one, or use paper to dry yourself. You can clean and maintain the smart toilet  in the same way as other toilets. However, if you are in an area that has a lot of hard water, you may need to use a water softener to prevent lime deposits.

How much are smart toilets?

Smart toilets come at a price ranging from around $500 to $1000 for the entry-level models to $1,200 to more than $2,000 for the highly luxurious smart toilets made by popular brands such as Toto, Kohler, and Woodbridge. The electric models that have bidet integration are the most expensive. However, they offer great benefits and amazing bathroom experience that spread across your hygiene, ecological consciousness, economy, and comfort.

How does a smart toilet work?

Japanese-style smart toilets which have bidet functionalities have nozzles that allow cleaning at the front and back of our anatomy. A warm air drying function can follow the water cleaning for optimal comfort.

There are also other functions such as the heated seats, which are very comfortable in winter or in the middle of the night. The most advanced models can also offer massage options, deodorizing action, automatic opening of the bezel, etc.

And that’s not all, there are also smart toilets that have hands-free automatic flush function. In the case of musical toilets, you can enjoy a little music or waterfall sound to mask unwanted noise.

All of these options are generally used through remote control or a control panel. The controller can be attached to the toilet seat or mounted on the wall. There are also Japanese wireless remote controls. Thanks to this remote control, you can control the built-in bidet functionality by adjusting the power and/or temperature of the jet. The bidet function is carried out in two possibilities: a rear jet for cleaning the anus and a front jet reserved for feminine hygiene.

Finally, there are luxury smart toilets with features such as the bezel, including a presence detector, automatic lighting, air conditioning, and a hands-free automatic flush system without using a flush button or lever. Other models are designed for the elderly or those who have reduced mobility. This is the case for toilets that have armrests and models equipped with a standing aid.

Are smart toilets worth the money?

Yes, smart toilets are worth the money. Using a toilet of this type daily has several advantages in terms of hygiene, well-being, ecology, and even economy.

The most obvious benefit is undoubtedly the improvement in hygiene. By using these toilets, you can wash yourself after each pass, instead of just wiping yourself off with toilet paper. This feature is gentle since it uses clear water and prevents friction that could irritate or clog the skin pores.

The solution of the washing toilets is also effective in the fight against the inconveniences of the intimate area such as hemorrhoids, constipation, inflammation and other celebrations … You can therefore considerably improve your health and your well-being. These toilets also make it possible to use less toilet paper or to do without it altogether. It is an eco-friendly system that offers a good gesture for the environment, but also the wallet.

In addition to these advantages, we can also underline that the washing function can promote the maintenance of the independence of the elderly.

What is the best toilet for the money?

Not many brands have effectively designed smart toilets that can make self-cleaning and offer other comfortable and hygienic features that work. However, toilet models from TOTO, Kohler, and Woodbridge are at the forefront of this technology.

The Toto Neorest toilet is our option of the best smart toilet as it has the pre-mist feature. In addition, the toilet bowl can be wetted by electrolyzed water after and before use. The toilet works this way so that the bowl can be free from harmful bacteria lingering in the bowl, helping you have a sterile environment.

Do you need an electrical outlet to install a smart toilet?

If you want to install an electric smart toilet, you will need an electric outlet. However, if your bathroom does not have an electrical connection and you do not want to make any changes, you can turn to models without electricity. In this case you will only have to use the existing water supply for your toilets. These models help you take advantage of the washing functionality through integrated nozzles.


Going from a traditional toilet to a smart toilet requires a little time to adapt. Indeed, we are all used to using toilet paper, and swapping for a system that washes automatically can be unsettling for some. But it’s definitely worth a try!

However, once you get used to your top-notch toilet, going back is very difficult because of the obvious benefits. The models are more or less equipped with features that provide ease of use that it is difficult to give up.

Washing, drying or even the heated seats available in the best smart toilet systems quickly become essential, provided there is electricity and a good internet connection. By using the best toilets, you can feel clean after each visit to the toilet, you avoid irritation and you save on toilet paper. For us, the smart toilet is a must!

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