The Best Toilet Paper Holders

A toilet paper holder is the one fixture in our bathrooms that we typically take for granted. Everyone expects a holder to be there. When it’s not, however, life on the toilet can be very difficult!

Not all toilet paper holders are created equal. There are many variations and features in holders but choosing the right one can be overwhelming.

Best Toilet Paper Holders

Don’t let the thought of buying a new toilet paper holder intimidate you. We’ve provides reviews on the best toilet paper holders in the market. You will see that there is a wide variety of options available. Continue to read in order to get a breakdown of the pros and cons for each of these toilet paper holders.

1. Simple Houseware Bathroom Toilet Tissue Holder

This is an elegant toilet tissue holder that will blend in well with any bathroom decor. It has a shiny chrome finish with a free-standing design that will fit anywhere you need it to be. 

This tissue holder stands 23.5-inches high and has a horizontal bar to hold and dispense a roll of tissue paper. There is an open storage space below the dispenser where you can store 3 additional rolls of toilet tissue.

If you need a way to organize and store your toilet tissue in your bathroom, this Simple Houseware holder is the perfect solution. 


  • Shiny chrome finish
  • Bar to dispense 1 roll of tissue
  • Storage space to hold 3 additional rolls
  • 23.5-inches high
  • Free-standing


  • Lightweight and falls over easily when dispensing toilet tissue

2. YIGII Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder MST001, Brushed Stainless Steel

This is a beautiful toilet tissue holder that is made of 304 stainless steel with a brushed finish. The toilet paper arm has a slight upward bend at the end to hold the roll in place. 

This tissue holder can be assembled and installed without any drilling! Simply peel the film off of the sticky adhesive backing and stick it to your smooth bathroom wall. Press for several seconds to ensure it has a good all around seal.

It is recommended that you wait for 24-hours after installing the holder before using it. This ensures that the adhesive has bonded with the wall.


  • Stainless steel with a brushed finish
  • Does not require tools to install
  • Attaches to the wall using adhesive backing
  • Toilet tissue arm has a slight upward bend to hold the roll in place


  • Does not work well on wallpaper

3. mDesign Decorative Metal Free-Standing Toilet Paper Holder, White

This free-standing toilet paper holder offer you immediate storage for 3 extra rolls of toilet tissue next to your toilet. It has a fully open top with a cutaway front which allows you to grab a new roll of toilet paper whenever you need it.

This compact holder will fit well in any bathroom decor. It has elevated feet to ensure that the toilet paper rolls stay off of the floor. This holder is made of strong steel wire with a durable rust-resistant finish. It stands 14.5-inches high and is ideal for any bathroom size.


  • Free-standing
  • Provides storage for 3 extra rolls
  • Open top with cutaway front
  • Elevated feet


  • Too small for mega rolls of toilet tissue
  • Inside diameter fits only 6-inch rolls

4. Moen DN8408CH Preston Collection Single Post Toilet Paper Holder, Chrome

This is a slim profile toilet paper holder with a sleek chrome finish that will instantly brighten your bathroom decor. It has a European-style open hook design which allows you to change the toilet paper roll easily.

This paper holder measures only 6.5-inches wide and has a total depth of under 2.5-inches. It’s made of high-quality zinc alloy with a chrome-resistant finish. All hardware needed for installation is included. You can have this installed in just minutes!

Moen backs this product with their Limited Lifetime Warranty. You can have peace of mind that you are buying a quality product that will last a long, long time.


  • Wall-mount paper holder
  • Sleek chrome finish
  • European-style open hook design
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Screw that holds the hook to the base periodically becomes loose and must be tightened

5. Teravan Standard Extender for Large Rolls, White

Some toilet paper rolls are so large they will not fit on a standard tissue paper holder. This is where this Teravan Extender product comes in! This extender allows your regular toilet paper holder to have the capability to hold larger rolls of paper.

The extender is made from premium quality hard plastic. It’s lightweight but also tough and sturdy. No special tools are needed to mount the extended tissue holder spindle. Simply remove your current spool and add the extender spool. You are now ready to go!

The minimalist design of this extender spool complements any bathroom decor. Now you don’t have to deal with the frustrations of larger toilet rolls not being able to fit on your toilet paper holder! 


  • Fits most standard toilet holders
  • Replaces existing standard spools
  • Allows the larger sized rolls of toilet paper to be used


  • May be too narrow for some holders

6. iDesign Twigz Free-Standing Toilet Paper Roll Holder, Bronze

This toilet paper holder is made of stainless steel with a bronze finish. It features a delicate natural twig and leaf design at the top. This holder has a horizontal bar to dispense a single roll of toilet paper. It also has extra storage underneath the dispenser to hold up to 3 spare rolls of toilet paper.

This free-standing holder is lightweight and easy to move around. It measures 25-inches tall and has an exterior diameter of 7-inches. It can fit nicely in compact bathrooms where space is limited. 

If you don’t have room for a wall-mounted tissue paper holder, then this holder may be just what you are looking for.


  • Free-standing
  • Stainless steel with a bronze finish
  • Natural twig and leaf design
  • Dispenses a single roll of tissue paper
  • Storage to hold up to 3 spare rolls
  • 25-inches tall


  • Lightweight and falls over easily when dispensing toilet tissue

7. AmazonBasics Free-Standing Toilet Paper Holder Stand with Reserve, Silver Nickel

This is a metal free-standing toilet paper holder that offers you a convenient way to dispense toilet paper. It has a single slanted horizontal arm that holds a toilet tissue roll for dispensing. It also features a slim vertical stand which gives you room to hold up to 4 spare rolls of toilet paper!

This product measures 28.5-inches tall and is made of metal with a weighted base for added stability. It has a beautiful silver nickel finish that will complement your bathroom decor.


  • Free-standing
  • Weighted base for stability
  • 28.5-inches tall
  • Holds 4 spare toilet rolls
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • Screw holding arm in place needs tightened periodically

8. KES SUS304 Stainless Steel Toilet Paper Holder and Dispenser, Brushed Steel

This is a beautiful, sleek brushed steel toilet paper holder from KES. It is designed to be able to fit larger or mega rolls of toilet paper. The holder is made of 304 stainless steel which is resistant to both rust and corrosion. 

The toilet paper holder has a unique slot design which prevents the holder from rotating. No more wobbling toilet paper or rolls that fall completely off of the arm! This holder comes in one piece so there is no assembly required.

Simply install this on your wall using the included fixed screws to mount the holder securely. This holder can be installed on nearly any type of wall. You will not be disappointed in the results of this product!


  • Wall-mounted
  • Sleek brushed steel
  • Fits mega rolls of toilet paper


  • Screw that attaches the holder to the base must be tightened periodically

9. LCUS SunnyPoint Toilet Tissue Holder with Reserve, Chrome

This is a toilet paper holder that has a sleek chrome finish. The holder has a curved horizontal bar for dispensing toilet paper. It also features an open storage area beneath for holding up to 3 mega rolls of toilet paper.

The free-standing design of this holder allows you to place it conveniently anywhere in your home. Raised feet on the bottom of the storage container ensures your toilet tissue does not come in contact with the floor.


  • Free-standing
  • Horizontal bar to dispense 1 roll
  • Storage to hold up to 3 mega rolls of toilet paper
  • Raised feet to ensure toilet paper does not touch the ground


  • Lightweight and falls over easily when dispensing toilet tissue

10. Home Basics Toilet Tissue Holder, Bronze with Scroll Design

This beautiful free-standing toilet tissue holder is made of sturdy steel with a classy bronze finish. It has a lovely scroll-like design around the top of the storage container.

The holder has a weighted steel base so you don’t have to worry about it tipping over while you are using it. It can hold a single roll of tissue paper for dispensing and has storage space for storing up to 3 more spare rolls.

This toilet paper holder stands about 22.5-inches tall and is ideal for any small or large bathroom. If you need a toilet tissue holder and don’t want to mount one on the wall, consider this elegant product from Home Basics. You will love the results.


  • Free-standing
  • Bronze finish
  • Scroll-like design
  • Weighted steel base
  • 22.5-inches tall


  • Can still tip over if there are not rolls of tissue paper in the storage container

Features To Consider

A toilet paper holder is a necessity for every bathroom. No matter what kind of style you like or what your bathroom decor looks like, there is definitely a toilet paper holder for you. Before you take the plunge and buy a new holder, there are some features you should keep in mind.

Type of Installation

There are two main ways to install a toilet paper holder:

  1. Wall-mounted holders are attached to a wall that is directly nearby the toilet itself. These holders are typically smaller and can dispense only a single roll of toilet paper. If you have a really small bathroom, a wall-mounted solution may be the best option.
  2. Free-Standing holders are the best solution for large bathrooms or for extremely small bathrooms that have little usable wall space. 

Storage Capacity

Wall-mounted toilet tissue holders typically do not provide any type of storage capacity. Free-standing holders can come with just the dispenser bar or it can include a storage area where additional toilet tissue rolls can be stored. The free-standing holders that also have storage capabilities can hold anywhere from 1 to 4 additional toilet tissue rolls.


If you are going through the trouble of buying a new toilet paper dispenser, then you will obviously want to buy a holder that is durable and sturdy. Wall-mounted holders often require that the mounting screws be tightened periodically.

Free-standing holders should have some type of weighted bottom, otherwise, they can wiggle around and even tip over while someone is using it.

Type of Material

The type of material used for the holder is one of the most important features to consider before you buy an item. Stainless steel holders by far seem to hold up the best under humid bathroom conditions and they also have a sleek aesthetic appearance. 

Plastic holders may look nice but will not hold up well over time. In fact, it is likely that a plastic holder will eventually break.


As you can tell, there are many types of toilet paper holders in the market. You want to be sure you are getting the best quality product for your money. Before you make your final decision, be sure to read the product reviews to see what other individuals are saying. If there is mostly negative feedback, you may want to move on to another product.

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