The Best Toto Toilets

Are you interested in buying the best Toto toilet for your home? Well then you’re going to want to take a closer look at these options. You’ll find several of their best products listed here and you’re going to have plenty of variety to just what you’re getting. Toto has plenty to offer but also ensures that you can count on quality and high standards for their budget-friendly and high-end products. Your bathroom can be a comfortable and stylish room in your house, if you have the right accessories there.

Toto Toilet

The Best Toto Toilet 

1. Toto Eco Drake CST744E#01 

Available in five different colors to get the ideal match to your bathroom, this toilet has an elongated style that offers even more comfort for users. It is definitely the best for the money. It’s a two-piece design, which makes it easier to install and also uses less water at 1.28 gallons per flush. The seat is a separate piece you’ll need to buy but the toilet itself is WaterSense, CEC and CALGreen compliant and certified. All of this means that it’s better for the environment and that means also better for your budget over the long term. 

The Fast Flush feature allows this toilet to clear much faster and easier and the high profile of the seat means it’s easier to use. The standard flush design is simple but looks just right in most bathrooms. Not to mention you’ll have a standard look to the toilet as a whole. 

2. Toto Eco Ultramax MS854114E#01

This elongated toilet comes in four different colors of white and shades of off-white to get just the right look for your bathroom. It also has a one-piece design, which makes it even easier to clean. With less pieces and connections you have fewer areas for dust (and other debris) to collect. The standard look and style of the toilet and the handle are great for any space and the low water flush means that you only use 1.28 gallons per flush. It features a wide flush valve to make flushing faster and easier and has a glazed trapway to keep everything clean. 

Soft close features mean that the lid won’t slam even when dropped and the siphon style of the jets means that nothing is going to stick to the sides of the toilet. Everything will be cleared away as soon as you press the handle. 

3. Toto Eco Ultramax ADA MS854114ELG#01

For those who need an ADA approved and certified toilet, this is a great one to choose. It comes with all of the same features and benefits that you get in the traditional Ultramax, but with the benefit of better height. It’s a one-piece design in a sleek, cotton white color. This means that it’s going to be a bright, pure white to accent the clean, bright look of your bathroom. It also has a glaze inside that’s smooth and cleans each time you flush the toilet, rather than you having to spend so much time scrubbing it to get it just right. 

The wide flush valve makes for faster and easier flushing and the elongated design is meant to be more comfortable for users. Overall, this toilet has a standard look, but it’s going to be a sleek and stylish addition to your space as well. All you need to do is get it installed. 

4. Toto Eco Ultramax MS854114EG#01

This eco-friendly toilet uses only 1.28 gallons of water per flush and yet still offers you all of the benefits that you would expect from your toilet. This one has a standard look and a one-piece design to make the cleaning process even easier. It’s also complete with a large water surface, soft close toilet seat and a wide flush valve. All of this combines to create a sleek and stylish unit that you will definitely appreciate having in your bathroom. Not to mention it has an elongated design that’s more comfortable for most users. 

Moderately priced, the SanaGloss exterior is designed to keep it cleaner, no matter how much it is used and it has extra-large siphon jets to make sure everything is cleared away the first time you press the handle. Add in the ion barrier that will help repel particles of all types and you have something you definitely won’t mind using in your space. 

5. Toto Washlet with Integrated Toilet

Looking for something a little more unique that will really help to improve the look and style of your bathroom? Well, you’re going to want to take a closer look at this one. It’s available in two different colors to get the right look, but it’s actually a toilet and with bidet in one. The bidet features front and rear cleanse with five different temperature and pressure settings so you can be more comfortable. The toilet features dual flush, which helps you use only the water you absolutely need. 

You will get luxury features like an automatic seat and a warm air dryer. Not to mention you get an air deodorizer and the entire system is ADA compliant. This makes it safer for more users while the WaterSense and CALGreen aspect means it’s more eco-friendly.

6. Toto Drake Toilet

This is a simple looking toilet that will fit into any bathroom. It’s available in several different colors to get just the right match and it features an elongated bowl that offers a more comfortable surface. You will need to purchase a seat separately but you get a number of additional features. It offers commercial grade flushing as well as a Fast Flush feature, which will make it easier to keep clean. Not only that but you’ll have a glazed trapway, which is also all about keeping your toilet clean.

The quiet flush feature also makes it easier to use when others are around in the home as well. Plus it has high power to make sure that everything is cleared out of the toilet bowl with a single flush. The whole thing is also inexpensive, which makes it easy for anyone to install in their bathroom.

7. Toto Washlet + UltraMax II

If you’re looking for the highest quality and the best of the best features you’re going to want to take a closer look at this toilet with washlet. It’s one of the top options from Toto and that means you’re going to be paying more for it, but you will get more out of it too. It uses 1.28 gallons per flush or you can get even lower water use options. It’s made with bidet built into it so you can get even cleaner as well as the toilet. There are five different settings for temperature and pressure for the water of the bidet. 

Add in the heated seat and the air dryer and you’re definitely getting a lot of features. You’ll also have a tornado flush system that pushes water through quickly to reduce the problems with cleaning. This toilet has a special glaze to help with this process as well. 

8. Toto Drake CST744SR#01

This sleek and simple looking toilet is also inexpensive, which makes it great for your bathroom renovation or remodel. You’ll get a glazed trapway as well as a Fast Flush, which ensures the bowl will be clean after you press the handle the first time. It also has plenty of power and runs quiet, which makes it more convenient for homes where you have other people in a close space. Choose the right color to match your bathroom and create the ideal style for your preference.

The elongated style of this toilet makes it more comfortable for most users and the unit itself uses only 1.6 gallons of water per flush. All of the pieces from this toilet are designed to last a long time and to keep providing the same level of performance and quality that you expect. 

Choosing the Best Toto Toilet 

Elongated vs. Round – Take a look at the shape of the toilet itself as this is going to affect the comfort level that you get when you use it. This is up to your personal preference however, so make your own choice based on the size of your bathroom as well.

Bidet/Washlet – If you’re looking for even more features and better cleaning for users then one of these built in might be an important feature for you. They should also have different settings available regarding the temperature and water pressure offered. 

Siphon Jet – Siphon jet means that the water is moving around the side of the bowl, which makes it easier to keep clean. Tornado systems do similar work and both will keep you from having to scrub the inside of the toilet as frequently. 

Gallons Per Flush – How much water does the toilet use each time you flush it? Lower gallons per flush or GPF ratings mean that the toilet is better for the environment and also that it’s going to be less expensive for you because you’re using less water. 

Color Options – While colors aren’t that important to the use of the toilet you choose it will affect just how it works with the bathroom you’ve already created and the style you already want in your space. 


There are plenty of frequently asked questions when it comes to Toto toilets and we’re going to try to answer some of the most popular ones. These are things you’re going to want to take a closer look at for yourself so you know if you’re getting the right match for your needs. 

How to Unclog a Toto Toilet?

Unclogging a Toto toilet starts with using a plunger to try and clear the blockage. You’ll want to make sure that you get a solid seal to help dislodge anything that might be stuck. If you can’t get it with a plunger you can use water and some dish soap.

How to Clean Toto Toilet Bowls?

When you are ready to clean your Toto toilet bowl first start by flushing and allowing the siphon jet to clear most of the material there. You will then be able to use a non-abrasive cleanser in the bowl. Scrub it with a soft brush as needed to clear any additional debris. 

How to Adjust Toto Toilet Fill Valve?

Adjusting the fill valve or water level requires you to drain out all of the water from the tank and then turn the valve assembly. You want to turn it about half a turn clockwise, which will then give you the ability to adjust the water level where you want it. 

How Much is Toto Toilet?

A Toto toilet can range in price from a couple hundred dollars to over $1,000. The total cost will depend on the different features that you’re looking for and what you want the toilet you choose to offer in your bathroom.

How to Adjust Water Level in Toto Toilet Tank?

Adjusting the fill valve to change the water level in your Toto toilet is easier than you might think. The entire process takes only a few simple steps. Take a look here to make sure you’re getting your toilet to the right level to use as little water as you want, which will save you some money in the long run as well. 

1. Turn off the water supply

2. Drain all water in the tank by flushing the toilet

3. Turn the flush valve assembly ½ turn clockwise

4. Change the valve to the water level that you want

5. Turn on the water supply


If you’re wondering what is the best Toto toilet to buy then you’re definitely going to want to look closer at these options. There are plenty to choose from and no matter which way you go it’s going to be a great option for you. You’ll be able to choose something for small bathroom, something with bidet or washlet or just something simple and easy for your space. Just take a look at the features and qualities of each of these to choose the best fit for you and what your family is looking for. 

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