How To Identify Toto Toilet Model

How To Identify Toto Toilet Model

Toto USA are manufacturers of different plumbing products which includes a line of different innovative toilets. Ask around and you’ll see that lots of people use and love the Toto USA toilet because of certain reasons. They’re an efficient, low flow, low maintenance toilet that comes in a variety of styles to suit different types … Read more

How to Shim a Toilet

How to Shim a Toilet

Chances are, at one particular time in your life, you have experienced the discomfort of a rocking toilet. This usually happens when the ground where you installed the toilet becomes uneven after same time. Anther cause is when the toilet flange happens to be higher than the floor, which in turn raises the toilet, making … Read more

The Best Comfort Height Toilets

Comfort Height Toilets

If you have ever had issues with your knees or muscle weakness in your legs, then you know it can be difficult to sit down on a toilet. A comfort height toilet can help out with this since they are designed for the seat height to match the height of a chair. When you sit … Read more

The Best Urinal for Home Use


If you are looking for the best urinal for home installations, you have come to the right place. Urinals come in a variety of styles, shapes and features which makes it difficult to choose the best solution. This buying guide gives you insight into urinal product reviews, the best urinal flush valves for your home … Read more

The 5 Best Gerber Toilet 2021 Reviews

Gerber Toilet

When it comes to toilet renovations or constructions, finding and getting the perfect toilet that fits all your desires and needs can be a tough job. With so many brands and models available like Toto toilets, American Standard toilets, etc, it can get very confusing with you getting lost as to which is truly the … Read more

The Best No Clog Toilets of 2021

No Clog Toilet

Despite their simplicity and the unique functionality the best no-clog toilet models offer, they look like they’re getting phased out. But we’re here to support! Today, thanks to technology and improvement in the designs of sanitary wares, many types of modern toilet models that are high-end and have ergonomic toilet features are flooding the market; … Read more