Choosing the Right Art to Give to a New Homeowner

Choosing the Right Art to Give to a New Homeowner

It doesn’t matter if you’re buying art for a new homeowner who is holding a housewarming or if you are just making a thoughtful gesture. First and foremost, you should know a lot about the personal tastes of the person that you intend to buy a unique piece of art for. Buying art for someone else is just as personal as buying clothing for someone other than yourself. Not only do you need to get the right fit, but you also have to get the color and style just right. This is how you can shop for art that will be given to a brand new homeowner that is graciously accepted and not politely stored in the hallway closet.

Find Art Prints with Universal Appeal

Art is personal, so you can’t look at just two or three art prints and take one out of the lot that appeals to you the most. Prints tend to be more universally popular with interior decorators and homeowners alike. They generally come from artists who have been well received, and they look incredible in residential settings. Art prints are usually reproductions of more popular paintings that might have been made by the likes of Rembrandt and Salvador Dali, but they can also come from an artist who is still painting, such as Chuck Close. The art print that you buy as a gift for a new homeowner might include every color imaginable or be a stark black and white reproduction. Choose wisely so that you know your gift will be happily received.

Know What the Homeowner Likes

You can buy wall art as a housewarming gift in secret and still personalize the gift by asking a few questions about style, color and compositions. For instance, you can bring an interior decorating magazine to the home of your friend and ask questions about what layouts look best. From this you can get a sense of the colors and patterns that your friend likes best.

It’s All About the Right Size

Consider that larger art prints will be a little more difficult to place than ones that are medium to smaller sized. Even if the person has just moved into their new homes, you can’t be sure of how much decorating they’ve already done. Unless they are expecting your gift and personally told you that they have a large space on a wall to fill up, you will want to bypass extra large drawings and paintings. Art prints can be ordered in various sizes through websites such as Fine Art America, so you’re able to find one that isn’t overwhelmingly large but also not too small either. After it is hung on your friend’s wall you’ll have the constant reminder of your thoughtfulness to greet you during each visit.

New homeowners have furniture to buy and utilities to get turned on, so decorating can be something that they aren’t able to focus on. Buying just one nice art print might inspire your pal to decorate a room in a particular color or even to make that single piece of art the focal point of their homes. It’s a wonderful idea to give a loved one a piece of art that you are sure they’ll appreciate forever.

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