Top 5 Delta Toilet 2021 Reviews

Every homeowner can attest to the fact that the bathroom is a super important part of the home, and like every part requires the best appliances that will boost the functionality of the place.

Considering the fact that the household appliances market is flooded with an endless variety of toilets, we highly recommend choosing the Delta toilet.

Why, you might ask? The answer is simple; Delta toilets are known to be reliable, functional, offered at an affordable price, and technologically innovative as the manufacturers are always ready to incorporate more ways to make their products more useful for you.

If that sounds like a toilet you would love to have in your house, then join in on this Delta toilet journey and find out more about this unique brand.

Delta Toilet

Top 3 Recommendations

1. Best Overall – Delta Faucet C01905-WH Haywood

2. Runner Up – Delta Faucet Haywood White Round-Front Toilet

3. Best feature – Delta Faucet Haywood with Nightlight

The Top 5 Delta Toilet Reviews

1. Delta Faucet C01905-WH Haywood Comfort Height Round 1.28 GPF Toilet – Best Functional Technology

One of the first in the Delta Haywood Toilet model collection, the C01905-WH model features a wide range of useful features that make the model stand out.

The C01905-WH Haywood model offers a two-piece round bowl design with a toilet tank and a left-front flush lever with a chrome finish.

The product features an ADA-compliant chair height of about 16.5 inches from floor to rim, allowing for easy standing and sitting actions while using the toilet.

It also features a powerful HydroWash flush technology for an optimized flush power that uses only 1.28 GPF for a single flush using less water while keeping the toilet bowl clean. Plus the toilet is WaterSense certified making it clog-free.

Then you have the splash guard lip feature to prevent liquid from getting underneath the tank.

The C01905-WH Haywood product is easy to maintain with a 5-year warranty on all mechanical parts.


  • ADA-compliant chair height
  • Two-piece set with toilet bowl and toilet tank
  • HydroWash flush technology
  • Clog-free
  • Splash guard technology
  • 5-year warranty on mechanical parts
  • Easy to install


  • Toilet seat not included
  • Sometimes requires multiple flushes for more solid waste

2. Delta Faucet Haywood White Round-Front Toilet – Best Three-Piece Toilet Model

The Delta Haywood toilet model collection offers another unique three-piece model, and just like the previous one, it provides a wide variety of characteristics that make it a sensible choice.

First off, the unit is a three-piece toilet that includes the toilet bowl, the toilet tank, and the toilet seat.

The seat on its own is a slow close seat that allows for quiet toilet access with a no-slip grip, and the round bowl is ADA-compliant that makes you feel comfortable when using the toilet.

The flush feature is exceptional, saving more water at every flush and emptying the waste at once, plus the splash guard lip feature prevents leaks.


  • Slow close seat with no-slip grip
  • Chair-height toilet bowl height measured from floor to rim
  • Splash guard feature
  • Water efficiency
  • Offers 5-year warranty on mechanical
  • Lifetime limited  warranty on porcelain fixtures


  • The slow-close lid may require replacement over time

3. Delta Faucet Haywood with Nightlight – Best Night Light Feature

Delta Haywood series are considered as some of the best Delta products because of the special details incorporated into them, and this item has one that you would generally not find anywhere.

As a round front toilet, this Haywood design has a night light feature on its toilet seat that allows for more convenient and guided night toilet trips to the bathroom without worries. The LED lights last up to 9 hours on with 15 hours off.

With the slow close seat that features a no-slip grip, you don’t have to worry about cracks on your toilet bowl or the bowl making a noise when closing it.

The Powerful HydroWash flushing cleans the bowl with one flush allowing you to save up to 20% water per flush and reduce your bathroom water consumption, plus you get a clog-free toilet.

The splash guard design makes it suitable for quick cleaning.


  • Designed with LED night light
  • Suitable for nighttime toilet usage
  • Slow close seat with no-slip grip
  • HydroWash system
  • WaterSense certified
  • Great price for the value
  • Splash guard lid


  • The nighttime batteries need to be replaced frequently

4. Delta Faucet Turner 2-Piece Elongated Toilet – Best Elongated Bowl 

Going to the appliance shop for a new toilet with something more practical and eco-friendly that offers you flushing options without affecting its functionality in your bathroom, then Delta Turner 2-piece dual-flush elongated toilet is for you. 

Aside from being an elongated toilet that heightens comfort and usability, the Turner toilet has two flushing capacities between using 1.1 GPF for an efficient flush or use 1.6 GPF for a more powerful flush.

This product incorporates a toilet bowl that is comfortable with a 16.5 inches chair height. 

The item is modern designed, suitable for every bathroom type, and also includes a push-button flush design.

The all-white design includes a leak-free smart fit tank-to-bowl connection which allows for easier installation when you want to install the item.

The Turner flushing power design is made solely to offer a clog-free performance for users with its  2 inches fully glazed trap way. And, it comes with mounting hardware including the wax ring, toilet seat, and tank.


  • Leak-free smart fit connection
  • Elongated toilet seat
  • Chair-height length
  • Dual-flush system
  • Saves water
  • Easily installed
  • Mounting hardware including wax ring


  • Only comes in white

5. Delta Faucet C43101-WH Prelude WHT Elon Toilet – Best Chair-height

The Delta Prelude product allows you to enjoy the true meaning of comfort thanks to its exceedingly tall height.

Measuring 17 inches to the top of the seat, the ADA-compliant chair height elongated toilet seat makes the Prelude one of the best Delta toilets available.

Easy to set up with a smart fit tank to bowl connection, the item includes all mounting hardware. For flushing capacity, Delta Prelude is WaterSense certified and saves water without hampering its performance, offering users maximum cleanliness.


  • Top ADA-compliant design
  • Perfect for compact spaces
  • Smart fit connection
  • Includes mounting hardware


  • Toilet seat not so strong
  • Only available in white

Is Delta a Good Toilet Brand?

Yes! Without batting an eyelid, Delta is a great toilet brand.

Delta plumbing fixtures including toilets are the epitome of innovation in the toilet industry and at every point in time. There is always a new way to make toilet usage much better, that of course, this brand will always let you know about.

Delta toilet designs come with a wide variety of special inclusions that definitely make them stand out in the crowd. However, here are some of the important specs that you can get, which you can consider as a Delta toilet buying guide:


A Delta toilet is designed for comfort and usability, and although that is very much the basis for every other toilet, Delta toilets have some features that make that happen.

Asides from the sleek, classic, yet all-fitting household design look that they have, you can always bank on your toilet having an elongated shape or a round shape depending on your need. 

And with an ADA-compliant chair height design perfect for all heights, including individuals with disabilities.

Unique Features

Being technologically innovative, it is no surprise that the brand incorporates some of the latest features into its toilet. One of which is the night light toilet seat for better vision while using the toilet at night. 

The SmartFit tank-to-bowl connections are designed to prevent water leaks from occurring from the mounting holes.

A superior flush mechanism with a water-saving flush performance of not 1.6 GPF like those using pressure-assist but 1.28 GPF that makes their toilets WaterSense certified. Then we have the slow close seat for quiet toilet seat use.


One more thing that the Delta faucets brand has to offer is an endless range of products to suit your unique needs.

There’s a Delta toilet for every need with a variation consideration size, toilet bowl shape, flush performance, design, money, and so on. It’s all left for you to know what you want and get the Delta toilet that matches it all.

Concluding Thoughts

In need of a new toilet that speaks directly to you in every way and aspect and that would most definitely sit right in your home? Then the Delta toilet is the right one for you.

With the Delta toilet reviews available here, we do hope you can find the one that best suits your needs and make the best of its experience.

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