Eye Health and How You Can Save Money On Contact Lenses

Eye Health and How You Can Save Money On Contact Lenses

They say that you don’t know what you have until it’s gone and when it comes to eyes, this is something that I can vouch for. It has only been since my eyesight has worsened that I have started to try to care a little better for my eyes. For example one thing that I had no idea about was the great benefit which regular exercise can have on your eye health. A lack of exercise and poor diet can increase the blood pressure on your eyes which can not only lead to poor eyesight but also problems such as glaucoma.

My eyesight is not gone just yet but to slow things down I have started using contact lenses to improve my vision and I have actually become quite used to using them. Getting hold of contact lenses is not always cheap however but I have found that buying online is the best way to do it. If you do use contacts, then you should know about the benefits of buying online.

Prescription Choice

Companies like Vision Direct who sell lenses online can meet your specifications with or without a prescription, perfect for if you move around or plan on traveling. There is nothing stopping you however from getting the prescription from your eye specialist, you do have the right to receive it. Once you do have your prescription simply order your contacts online with the specifics of your prescription.


My experience online has been far, far cheaper than any of the brands that I have bought on the high street. This has been especially true with Vision Direct, they have voucher codes online which you can use to save money, as well as promotions and recommendations for you, all at a low price. This cheaper price means that you can stock buy to ensure that you never get caught short.


Online stores seem to always have offers on to save you a bit of change and if you search around you can find some voucher codes will get get you even more money off. I have rarely seen too many offers on contact lenses on the high street, it is always worth buying online.

Time and Effort

To be honest the reason that I buy online is because it just saves me that little bit of time and energy that it would take to go to the opticians regularly. The only time that I will see the optician is for a 6 monthly check, just to ensure that the specifications for my contacts are up to date.

Let’s face it, the large majority of the things we buy these days are bought online and although contact lenses are quite a sensitive product given their function, you should feel confident that you can get great products at great prices online.


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