Front Door Makeover

Hey there friends!

This week I am sharing the MUCH needed makeover that I gave our front door.

I have to admit, I had really neglected this door on the front of our house. We rarely use it since we always come and go through the kitchen door, so I really hadn’t paid much attention to it. Until last wee. I went out and took a good hard look at it and boy did it need a serious update.

I know…awful, right?

It was previously painted black , which is fine, but it was pretty boring and on top of that it was all scuffed up and in rough shape.

It’s an old Dutch door that has seen better days, that s for sure.

But front doors are expensive. Very Expensive. Since it’s not in this year’s budget to replace it, I got motivated and changed it up with some paint and new hardware.

I picked (with help from the store’s paint guy) this BEHR paint in Calypso Blue from Home Depot

This is a really bold color for me and I wasn’t sure when I first started brushing it on…but I really love it now!

The paint made the job really easy (not sponsored just my opinion) without having to really worry about brush marks. I just painted two coats and some touch ups.

To complete the makeover,

I changed out the old hardware for some fresh silver hardware and  added our house number.

So much better!

his was a really easy and affordable way to give this area some new life.

I love that it stands out from the street and it will help brighten things up in the winter months.

What do y’all think of a bold front door?

by Karens
Karens is a busy mother of two and addicted to studying, researching bathroom and toilet decoration.

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