Having fun on a trip to Dubai

Having fun on a trip to Dubai

What’s so great about Dubai is that it’s a fun destination to visit no matter what type of traveler you are. In the past it was widely thought to be a place for business travellers and that the city, hotels and entertainment only catered to that class of traveller. This has largely changed in the last decade making it a perfect place to visit as a family, couple, backpacker or any other type of traveller.

Although it’s true the city is in the middle of a dessert that doesn’t mean there isn’t a ton to do and see. The city has developed trendy and unique districts with growing character as it has matured. Each of these districts is connected with a great transit system that the Dubai has built.

So if you find yourself headed to Dubai these are the top attractions and things to do no matter what your travel purpose.


The city is plotted on the shores of the Persian Gulf. This body of water is crystal clear and the shore sands are a pearl white. With scenery like this is makes it easy to enjoy the sun in Dubai. Many hotels and resorts have been built right on the water’s edge and some have even gone as far as creating their own islands to place their hotels, like the The Palm Jumeirah for example.


The middle east is known to be quite lavish and Dubai is perhaps the center of it all. The world’s tallest building the, Burj Khalifa, can be found in Dubai. This enormous structure also has a giant mall within. Home to luxury and designer brands as well as everyday clothing and accessory brands. There are also places to shop like the Mall of the Emirates and many bazaars that the middle east are famous for. There is even a shopping festival that runs in January and February every year in Dubai.


Dubai gets hot. It is in a dessert after all, for this reason the city is full of fun ways to cool down. Whether you want to cool down at one of the water parks around the city or let the breeze blow through your hair on a skydive. Not cool enough? Head to the indoor ski slopes to ski or snowboard down a man made mountain with artificial snow. Dubai has a hand full of attractions that are unlike any other in the world.

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