How I find cheap flights

How I find cheap flights

We live in a world where it has never been easier to find cheap flights all over the world. Over the last year in particular I have done more flying than in any other year and I have been working incredibly hard on making sure that I have done all that I can to significantly bring down the cost of my flights and I have saved thousands of dollars in flights because of the way that I have planned and prepared each flight which I have taken. If you want to make sure that you are spending as little as possible on your flights, here are some tips which you can follow to help you out.

Loyalty Schemes

The first place to check is with loyalty and reward schemes which are offered by credit cards. This is where I have found my biggest savings in recent years and it is something which I would recommend to everyone who is looking to save money on their flights. The reason that I like this method so much is because you really don’t need to do anything differently, just spend money on your credit card as you usually would and then reap the benefits, cheap flights!!

Where to Check Online

The process which I go through on the internet is to check first with Skyscnner, then Momondo and finally I will check on a site like Kayak. In my view, these are the best 3 sites out there for finding cheap flights and they all scan every corner of the internet to make sure that they pick up the lowest prices for you. What I also like about these sites is the amount of filters which you can find such as time of flight, speed, connections, countries to avoid and nearby airports, all vital options when you are looking to save some cash on your travels.

Think About Connections

I used to always fly direct from point A to point B but then I realized just how much money I could save if I altered my plans ever so slightly and instead went for a connection in another country, I could save a great deal on my flights. Of course, if you are in a rush to get to your destination then this may not be the best option for you but assuming that you have a little bit of time on your hands, take a look and see what connections are available to you. Using a site like Kayak is perfect for this because they will look to give you a range of options such as connections throughout the world, saving you big bucks!

The key to finding cheap flights is to put in the work and do all that you can to dig beneath the surface in order to get the very best flight prices available. Don’t accept the first option when it comes to cheap flights, the key is to keep searching until you get it just right.

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