How to choose the perfect cruise

How to choose the perfect cruise

The cruise industry is picking up steam these days as more and more couples, families, groups and retirees look to book a vacation on the open water from the comfort of a cruise ship. The word is out that cruising is a fun, affordable and comfortable way to travel far distances in a very unique way.

Cruising combines everything we love about travel into a holiday were we don’t need to overly think but still get to see a lot. Many cruise lines have been created to suit the needs of all types of travellers so easier than ever to decide on the cruise of your dreams. Fred Olsen Cruise ship and others have designed cruises with many travellers in mind. Still, there are still some things you should be aware of when booking your cruise.

Size of ship

While it may not seem obvious this does have a great effect on the type of experience you’ll have and there are pros and cons to each size of ship. For example a ship that has under 100 passengers creates a great opportunity to really get to know the passengers on the ship, these boats typically won’t have all the amenities and activities that larger boats with 2500+ passenger ships will have. Sometime when the boat is too big people can feel overwhelmed by its size and can also lead to having a negative effect on the choice of ship

What’s included

Each ship has different policies on what they include on the voyage. While most or the same or similar it’s important to check how much you will be paying in tipping fees, if formal dinners are included and also if you plan on drinking alcohol on the boat it’s well worth your time to investigate whether or not they have booze packages, as the cost of this on the ship can quickly add up.

Type of Cruise

When booking a cruise it’s important that you choose one you and your fellow travellers can relate to.  You wouldn’t want to  mix up a family specific cruises that has daycare centers and child friendly attractions with a cruise for young adults looking to go wild and let loose, all hours of the day and night.  Or sail away on a romantic honeymoon with  a cruise ship that is catering for senior travellers. For this reason it’s important to make sure the theme of the sailing is suited to you and will be a fun and exciting experience.

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