How To Unclog A Toilet With Poop Still In It

Unclogging toilets is such a difficult task, especially toilets that are clogged with poop still on them. Toilets clogged with poop creates the most irritating situation that no one would love to be in, especially if left for longer hours. It can even make your entire flush system to fail badly making your toilet to smell very bad. You must therefore ensure you clean the mess in no time to avoid overflowing that may end up creating a messy situation in your toilet. 

How To Unclog A Toilet With Poop Still In It

Are you frustrated that your toilet has decided to clog up? And the plumber is nowhere to be found or maybe you have a plunger but it’s not just getting the job done or simply you just don’t have the extra dollars to spend on janitors? Don’t worry, we have provided you with alternative simpler way of unclogging your toilets with poop still on it that will not only help you save money, but also will save you from unnecessary stress and headaches.

  • Boil Water

The first step to unclogging your toilet with poop, is to boil a pot full of water. Ensure your water is very hot, whether you are boiling it using electric appliances such as kettles, gas cookers or you are using stoves or even the charcoal.

  • Squirt detergent in the toilet bowl

The second step to unclogging your toilet with poop is squeezing of your liquid detergent on the toilet bowl. You just need to squeeze a small amount of the liquid detergent inside your toilet bowl and allow it to sink to the bottom of the toilet. 

Allow the soap to soak for about 20 minutes to give time for the clogged materials to break up. The idea behind this is that the liquid detergent helps in greasing the pipes making the tissue paper to slide down thus making the toilet unclogged. It helps the poop that is clogged in the pipes to slide down. If you don’t have a liquid detergent, you can alternatively use a shampoo or a liquid soap.

  • Pour the Hot Water into the Toilet

You can then take your water at boiling point, and pour it slowly in your toilet that is clogged with poop. To avoid splashing you may consider transferring the hot water it into a smaller container or jar. Pour the water as slowly as possible to ensure you don’t make the toilet even messier. The hot water is very important since it helps to flush all the poop out and slip them down through the pipes with the help of a liquid detergent.

  • Flush the toilet

Last but not least, when you see the poop and the clogged water starting to go down you will definitely know that the process was successful. Wait until the water levels have gone down and there is no risk of overflowing. You can now flush your toilet.

If your toilet does not get fully unclogged, don’t give up just yet. You may be required to repeat the process several times depending on the extent at which your toilet is clogged with poop. Remember to use a stick or a coat hanger to ease the passage of poop down the pipes.


This method is highly recommended since you won’t have to get your hands dirty or even wear gloves. Besides you only need two simple materials that is water and a liquid detergent. Always ensure you check the water levels before you start using this method. Other methods that you can use to unclog a toilet with poop include; combining vinegar and baking soda, using Saran Wrap and even the toilet brush

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