How To Identify Toto Toilet Model

Toto USA are manufacturers of different plumbing products which includes a line of different innovative toilets. Ask around and you’ll see that lots of people use and love the Toto USA toilet because of certain reasons. They’re an efficient, low flow, low maintenance toilet that comes in a variety of styles to suit different types of décor. But as with anything that is made up of moving parts, sooner or later a part of it may wear or break off and would need changing. What do you do at this moment?

How To Identify Toto Toilet Model

If you purchased the toilet from the company, the paperwork to the toilet may still be lying around that can easily tell which replacement part you will need. But if you’re not the original buyer or you didn’t buy from the company directly, there’s still a way to go about it as Toto USA prints the toilet model number on each of the toilet tanks or lids.

 If you want to find a replacement for a part of your toilet or you want to change the toilet model to a newer style, you may need to know the specific model you use and its number. But remember that not all Toto toilet parts fit each toilet model.

How to Identify Toto Toilet Number

  • To identify the model number of the toilet, all you need to do is
  • Lift the lid of your Toto toilet water tank carefully and turn the lid over.
  • Look at the underside of the lid for a black ink stamp. This ink stamp usually starts with two or three letters which is either ST or CST followed by three numbers.  This is the model of your tank but what if you don’t find any number stamp under the toilet water tank lid?
  • Grab a flashlight and look inside the toilet tank itself. If the number isn’t placed under the lid, it will be placed on one of the inside walls or above or near the water line in the sides and back of the toilet. Look closely at all parts of the water tank. The number may be written in two or three different sets of numbers so if you see anything like that, try to write them down to make searching for the parts easier.
  • If you do not find any number under the lid or inside the water tank, it may have been omitted due to human error. You will have to contact Toto on to get more information on how to recover the model number.

For a Toto One-piece Toilet

For a model number location on a Toto one-piece toilet, the model will most likely star with the letters MS accompanied by six numbers usually ending in 114 for elongated ones or 113 for round toilet bowls . It will be important to know your type of toilet bowl if you’re to replace the seat. Your main focus should be on the three numbers between MS and 113 or 114 as they’re the main identification model number.

If you have a model number with an E, that’s another different case as the E stands for the Eco, which makes use of the E-max flushing system. The Eco models require various parts to the standard models without the E. Therefore you have to carefully look at the product description or diagram to ensure you’re buying the right part for your toilet.

For a Toto Two-piece Toilet

For a two-piece toilet, ensure to look out for the E but your model would likely begin with ST followed by three numbers. Also, note that there are other number asides the E. You may see R which means that your system has a right-handed lever or a G which means your toilet with SanaGloss finishing. If the number ends with an S rather than an E, then you’re using the standard toilet rather than an Eco model. However, one of the best reasons for using the Toto toilet is because of the quantity of water it consumes per flush which is 1.6 gallons, making them more environmentally friendly than other toilets.


One of the best things people enjoy about the Toto toilet is their distinctive style. While there are a lot of similar-looking toilets, most people can find their model by going through the picture index.

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