Kohler Elliston Toilet Review

In the category of the best toilet brands available in the home appliances market, the Kohler brand is a popular name, and the Kohler toilets are quite popular.

Considering the fact that Kohler toilets come in multiple styles, sizes, and with various functionalities, a particular model that pops up of all the Kohler toilet models is the Kohler Elliston toilet.

If you have read the Kohler toilet reviews before, you would have encountered Kohler Elliston at some point, but we are here today to let you know why the model is the best Kohler toilet in the market for you to consider.

Sit tight as you are about to dive in deep into the best Kohler toilet ever.

http://alandaluzza.com/home The Kohler Elliston Toilet Review

Amongst the many features of an ideal toilet, such as the ADA-compliant height, water usage, installation, one-piece toilet or two, and flushing system, and so on.

The Kohler Elliston actually has the best features compared to most toilets,  and we are here to find out just what these specific characteristics are and what makes this toilet the right toilet for you.

Kashihara-shi Toilet Design

The Kohler Elliston toilet is a vitreous china-made two-piece unit  30 x 16.75 x 30.5 inches toilet with very appealing looks, which would fit easily into any bathroom look. As a two-piece toilet with the tank and the seat included, the toilet bowl features an elongated seat design.

The model features a left-hand trip lever with a polished chrome lever finish. 

The elongated bowl on its part allows for more room and more sitting space, and for assured comfort, the toilet seat is ADA-compliant chair height seating which makes standing and sitting down much easier as it requires less effort and causes less strain on the legs, back and joints.

Plus, the chair height is ideal for all individuals, including those with disabilities.

The design also incorporates a durable canister design with a less exposed seal material that enhances a leak-free performance at every use.

http://nakedoptics.com/stock-list/ The Flushing System

Kohler Elliston has a powerful flushing system that uses a class five technology that amplifies its efficiency.

As a dual flush toilet, the efficient flushing system generates a powerful flush that clears the bowl content with just a single flush using the single flush gravity that harnesses natural force to optimize flushing performance.

The system is water efficient and helps users save greatly on water bills as it uses only 1.28 gallons of water per flush, and the elongated flush type allows it to rinse the entire bowl at once with little water.

WaterSense Certified

The best toilets are the ones with little water consumption, and the Kohler Elliston model fits right in.  As a WaterSense certified toilet, the model is designed to as little as 1.28 GPF to clean the toilet.

And although the 1.28 gallons per flush mean lesser water usage when flushing, some cases of stubborn or heavy solids might require users to flush more to empty the bowl.


Installing the toilet is a very easy task, and as a toilet requiring little space to set it up, anyone with DIY installation knowledge can get it prepped in no time. 

The model is a floor-mounted type appropriate for any bathroom and comes with all hardware mounting tools, including a wax ring.

There are installation instructions in the package to make the process easier and faster and to ensure that the product is well fixed.


If you are working with a tight budget and still want all the perks of a modern and functional toilet, the Elliston item has you covered as it costs very little compared to what it has to offer in terms of uses and capacity.

Plus, the item comes with a 1-year limited warranty stamp on it as an added assurance for your purchase.


  • Two-piece toilet with tank and bowl
  • Elongated bowl design
  • ADA compliant toilet height
  • Ideal for most adults
  • Chrome trip lever
  • Uses 1.28 GPF
  • Utilizes AquaPiston Canister for enhanced flushing capacity
  • Ideal for small bathrooms
  • Offers good value for the price


  • Might require a double flush to completely clean out the bowl
  • Does not come with a seat and supply line

Final Thoughts

Following the Kohler Elliston toilet review above, you can now fully understand why the brand and particularly this model, is more favored than others.

As a highly functional, efficient, comfortable, and aesthetically appealing toilet, we do not see any reasons why you shouldn’t get yours to standardize and beautify your bathroom.

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