What To Do With An Old Toilet?

Have you ever wondered the next thing to do with your old toilet after an upgrade or after it has become ruined? An old toilet can still be useful in several ways, so disposing it off is never an option for me. 

what to do with old toilet

One, toilets that lie idle everywhere are quite unsightly and unfriendly to the existing ecosystem.  So if you have one and you have been wondering how it can fit around the home, I’m going to highlight for you the most creative ways in which you can re-use your old toilet. 

Best Ways to Re-use Old Toilets

Wall Hangings and Sculptures

When looking for unique photo frame ideas, I came across amazingly crafted toilet seats. It only takes a few accessories and adjustments to have your perfect pictures hanging on your wall. 

In addition to that, you can also turn the toilet lid or seat into a painting canvas for your next project. You should also consider bringing you old toilet with you the next time you need a sculpture. 

Alternative Seats

This uses the same logic applied to old tyres.  Here, the basic step is to securely glue the toilet cover to the seat and just like that, your seat is ready. For a more permanent seal, ensure that you use a ceramic-friendly glue and also that the surfaces are properly cleaned. 

You can take your creativity to the next level by painting, adding wheels or cushions to fit your needs and décor. These are seats that can make a great addition to your living room, front yard and even the office. 

Pet Bowls 

The toilet bowl can also be a great accessory to your pet’s environment, in that it can be used to store drinking water for them. First, this can be unhygienic even for the pets, and that’s why you have to clean and sanitize it properly before proceeding. 

If it has any openings, seal them up then you can now fill your new pet bowl with water for your little friends. However, this is only ideal for fully grown pets like dogs, because with that they won’t have to lean or strain to get the water. 

Fish Tanks 

I would say there’s no need for a fish aquarium if you have an old toilet with you. If the toilet tank happens to be old or faulty as well, that could just be your next fish tank. 

However to hack this, you might require additional plumbing skills and ideas in order to make it friendlier for the fish. The toilet bowl can also act as a great store for all your fish food supplies so that nothing goes to waste. 

Yard Decoration 

That old toilet you’re ignoring could turn out to be the best thing that has ever happened to your yard. Both the tank and bowl can be redesigned into crafty flower pots which you can customize to fit your pre-existing landscape ideas. For simpler and rustic options, you won’t even need much because all you need to do is have them filled with soil, then get the planting started. 

Break It for Re-Use

This is one of the greatest options in the event that some parts of the toilet are already broken and could be inappropriate for the rest of the options we have mentioned.  After taking it apart, you’ll end up with toilet parts such as bolts, valves, washers, hoses and elbows. 

These are components that you can decide to keep for a different project or save them for the new toilet model that you’re planning to install. The ceramic bits of the toilet can also be used for other creative ideas or disposed properly to avoid accidents from the sharp ends. 

Apart from these ways that we have mentioned, you can also decide to sell or give away the toilet all together. That will still be an environmentally-friendly option to get rid of something you no longer intend to use. It also saves you from going through the troubles of up-cycling the old toilet. That being said, I hope that all those who were wondering what to do with an old toilet now have ideas to try. 

by Karens
Karens is a busy mother of two and addicted to studying, researching bathroom and toilet decoration.

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