Sterling Windham Toilet Reviews

If you want a simple and elegant upgrade for your bathroom toilet, consider the Sterling brand of toilets. They are high-quality toilets that come with an amazing limited warranty to put your mind at ease. Best Sterling Toilets We have picked a few of the top Sterling toilets to review for you. They all have … Read more

How To Build A Shower Pan With RedGard

How To Build A Shower Pan With RedGard

Water always finds the smallest of space in a shower pan and overtime creates a stinky problem. There have also been cases of water leaks in the bathroom due to cracks and watermarks on the bathroom wall but it doesn’t have to be this way if you want to build a shower pan. Most of … Read more

How To Remove Plastic Nut From Toilet Tank

How To Remove The Plastic Nut From The Toilet Tank

The toilet seat is made up of several movable and immovable parts. The toilet tank has two major components: the toilet flush valve, which enables water to enter the bowl to flush, and the fill valve, which lets water enter the tank after the flush. Other minor parts include the handle, handle arm, float adjustment … Read more

Front Door Makeover

Hey there friends! This week I am sharing the MUCH needed makeover that I gave our front door. I have to admit, I had really neglected this door on the front of our house. We rarely use it since we always come and go through the kitchen door, so I really hadn’t paid much attention to … Read more