Thailand – A Biker’s Paradise

Thailand – A Biker’s Paradise

Thailand is one of the most popular countries in the world for good reason; the beaches, the food, the climate, the people and the public services are all fantastic!

It’s a great place for biking enthusiasts to head for a holiday, motorcycle tours in Thailand are improving each year and are increasingly popular. In South East Asia Thailand is easily the most developed country, and that makes it the best for biking because of the quality or roads and services.

I cannot recommend this magnificent country enough for any biker, I think we should all test drive it at least once in our lifetime. The scenery and roads are amazing, that’s a given, so we have put together 3 more reasons why a biking trip here beats most others out there.

The People

The local people, for me, can make or break any destination. If you’re biking around a country then you always hope that there are going to be friendly locals to help you incase of an emergency. Well, in Thailand the local people are amazing and always willing to help. Even if you’re deep in the countryside and you can’t communicate, people will work it out and fix you up in no time at all. The Land of Smiles is what Thailand is known as, and it certainly earns that title.

The Food

After a long day on the road there’s nothing better than kicking back with a beer and tucking into some well earned food. I would go as far as saying that Thailand has the best food in the world, I am yet to meet someone that doesn’t love it! My advice is eat as much as you can, because as soon as your on the plane back home you’ll miss it already.

The Cost

A massive plus about your biking trip to Thailand is that the cost will surprise you. With food, accommodation and all other expenses being extremely cheap you are sure to spend less than a trip to Europe or America. For only $30 a night you can stay in a 4-5 star hotel with a pool, eat like a king for $15 and get a relaxing massage for $5 – what’s not to love about that!

Have you been on a biking holiday to Thailand? I would love to hear about your experiences and get your feedback. If you have any tips to share that would be fantastic too! Just pop your thoughts in the comment section below this article – thanks for sharing guys.

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