The best road trips in Australia

The best road trips in Australia

One of my favorite things to do since moving to Australia is packing up the car with the family and hitting the open road. I have loved road tripping since I was young and back when we lived in New York it wasn’t something that was so easy to do. Thankfully we now have plenty of space and some pretty epic road trip routes throughout the country which lets you see the very best of Australia. If you are looking to hit the road when you visit Oz, here are some of the routes which I would recommend that you take.

Ocean Drive

The Great Ocean Road really does live up to its hype in terms of brilliant road trip locations and this is by far and away my favorite route in the country. The road takes you from Allansford to Torquay, close to Melbourne and throughout th journey you will be hugging the coastline with ocean on one side and thick rainforest on the other.

Sydney to Melbourne

This near-900 kilometer trek from Sydney to Melbourne is a really beautiful road trip and one which lets you follow the ocean for the duration. What I loved most about this journey was all of the cool towns which you see along the way, tiny places which you wold never have considered visiting before. Throughout the journey you’ll see the very best of Australia, beautiful nature and scenery as we’ll as plenty of aborigine culture on the way.

Uluru to King’s Canyon

We finally visited Ayer’s Rock or Uluru, at the back end of last year and from there we took a 3 hour drive along the Lasseter Highway to the breathtaking King’s Canyon. This route takes you through the heart of the red rock landscape and you hit many aborigine towns along the way. The kids loved this one in particular because of the amount of wild camels running about on this route!

Heritage Highway

We have been to Tasmania on two occasions now and I really love this region of the country. Something we did on our last trip there was to take a road trip on what they call the Heritage Highway. In all honesty, if you are looking for somewhere that is highly rich in the splendor and beauty of nature, this is the road trip for you. The countryside here is far more lush than in other parts of the country and much more green as a result. The drive is pretty short, around 3 hours but there are so many quaint villages and historical towns on route that it is likely to take closer to 8 or 9 hours to complete.

Kangaroo Island

Just off the coast of Adelaide you will find the magnificent kangaroo island. I would recommend that if you go there, you rent a car and explore some of its 1600 kilometers of roads. Throughout the drives on this island you will sweep through national parks, see colonies of seals and witness some incredible rock formations just off the coast. A great trip and a great way to spend it.

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