The best way to dress your kids on holiday

The best way to dress your kids on holiday

Packing for your vacations can be tough enough without throwing kids into the mix and packing for the kids is really a job of its own. The reason why packing for kids is because they go through clothes at an incredible speed and this makes packing for every eventuality pretty difficult. Thankfully, kids’ clothes are pretty small and so you can take quite a lot with you without filling up your case or going way over your weight restriction. I thought I’d share with you my thought process when I pack for the kids, so that hopefully you can get some tips from it.

Light and Simple

Kids rarely feel the cold and seem to do pretty well in the heat as well so I like to try and keep things pretty simple when dressing my kids on holiday. Shorts, t-shirts and dresses are usually the order of the day for my kids when we go on vacation and I always like to try and pack as many as I possibly can given the fact that kids have an incredible ability to completely ruin clothes at the worst possible times.


Footwear can be pretty chunky and take up a good amount of room in the case, for this reason I always try to get the kids to wear the chunkiest shoes, whilst they are traveling. I have always found it to be a good idea to buy the kids a new pair of sturdy and durable trainers of when we go away as vacations include a great deal more walking than the kids are probably used to. I can tell you from experience that if you child gets a blister on their foot in the first few days, the entire vacation could be ruined and I would advise you to get the kids to break in the new shoes before the vacation.


When it comes to taking additional accessories for your kids, you need to think about how you can best protect them. I will always make sure that my kids are wearing hats when they go away so that they can be protected from the sunshine. One of the best things which I have bought for the kids in recent years was a shawl-style scarf for each of them which can help to protect them from the sun when it’s hot, protect their mouth from sand and dust and can even help to keep them warm should the temperature drop.

Smart Clothing

I will usually throw one or two smart outfits in for the kids but I usually find that I don’t use them as these smart clothes general last about an hour before they look like a dinner table. AS I mentioned before, my preference is always to keep things comfortable and simple and so unless you have a big event like a party or a wedding planned, keep the smart stuff to a minimum.

Dressing the kids on vacation is about trial and error and through the years you will learn what works best for your kids.

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