Things waiting for you in Vegas

Things waiting for you in Vegas

‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’ is probably the most well known saying – known far and wide when it comes to ‘Sin City’. Those who have been to the ‘City of Light’ in the Mojave Desert will understand this; whether it be the rush of the gamble, thrill of combat sports, goose bumps from incredible live performances or the hypnotic water fountain displays on show for all to see. For those who are yet to grace the 4.2-mile world famous strip with their presence, it leaves a mysterious thirst that will undoubtedly need to be quenched. Here are a few suggestions depending on what sort of a mood you find yourself in:

From watching a world title heavy weight boxing fight to being catapulted by one of the many rollercoasters, exploring helicopter rides to fully loaded shooting ranges, high stake poker tables to burlesque performances, there isn’t much Las Vegas cant offer its many visitors.

Relax at a resort? Boasting 8 of the 10 largest hotels in the world, all in close proximity, customer service cannot be a higher priority for them. For that reason you can rest assured the staff will wait on you hand and foot.

Take a trip to the world-renowned Grand Canyon and experience the breath taking views of the enormous stretch of earth, which can be seen, from space.

Spend some time walking the many luxurious shopping malls. Although there surely can’t be enough time in the world to visit them all but there’s nothing stopping you from giving it a go.

Las Vegas hosts conventions on a regular basis. So why not take advantage of this opportunity and peak behind the curtains of some of the biggest companies and see what the future holds for them and us.

There are amazing views to be had throughout Las Vegas. From the worlds tallest Ferris wheel to the Stratosphere Tower, you are sure to be treated to some mesmerizing panoramic views. Or stay at ground level and experience the spectacular fountain displays on offer for all to see.

Why not watch a show?! There is always a choice when it comes to the ‘entertainment capital of the world’. World famous entertainers wow crowds on a regular basis giving guests the choice from music concerts, Broadway shows, musicals, magic and comedy shows. No need to limit yourself to just one either, with them being preformed on daily occurrence, its up to you what limit you put on it.

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