Toilet Making Noise When Not in Use

Have you wondered why your toilet makes such loud noise when it’s not functional? Listening to your toilet making noise every few minutes can be frustrating but asides that it also shows that something is wrong. You may have to diagnose the issue and we’re here to help you with the process.

Different factors can lead to your toilet making loud noise randomly but the most common of them are calcium deposits have that accumulate in the inner part of your pipes over time, or leaky toilet valves. Let’s break them down for you.

Toilet Making Noise When Not in Use

Toilet Making Noise When Not in Use: Causes & Solution

  1. Calcium Deposits

There is no specific way to know if the cause of the noise is from calcium deposit but you may have to inspect your pipe. If you notice white deposits on the outside of the toilet fittings or pipes then you should know that there are calcium deposits around that area of your pipe. When calcium is building up in the pipe, they usually block the pipe and slow the flow of faeces. 

There are times when you won’t see any deposit outside the pipe but that does not mean they’re not inside. You have to check it yourself by shutting off the water flow, unscrewing the pipe, and observing it. If you cannot do it, it’s best to call an expert. 

However here are the following ways to remove calcium deposits.

  • Use of steam

This tool is very efficient in removing calcium deposits as the steam softens the clog and breaks them up easily letting them flow into your septic tank.

  • Use of water

High powered water works as efficiently as steam in breaking off calcium deposits. But with water you need to know the kind of pressure you’re applying. If you apply excess pressure, your pipes can break off.

  • Cleaners

You can use several cleaners such as barium nitrate, glycine, or phosphoric acid to flush through the pipes to melt the deposits. You can also use white vinegar to break off the deposits if you want to use something a bit natural, try white vinegar but white vinegar breaks off the deposits slowly.

You can stop calcium from building up by cleaning your fittings and pipe surroundings regularly. If you don’t do this often, it won’t take time you have your pipes filled.

  1. Leaking Toilet Valve

Another cause of your toilet making noise every few minutes is the leaky toilet valve. When you have a leaky toilet valve, your toilet tank continuously fills up which makes the toilet not keep making noise or leaking water. How do you know if this is the cause?

You have to inspect the shutoff valve and look out for any form of leakage. While looking for the leakage, also look out for rust, corrosion, or even calcium. If you notice any corrosion or rust, you have to change the valve and the pipes within the valve. If you can’t do this on your own, engage the service of an expert. But if you can do this on your own, you have to follow these steps

Get a plier and tighten the nut on the shut-off valve. Be sure not to tighten it clockwise or you’ll loosen the nut more. While tightening the nut, do it slowly to not damage the piping.

If the nut was loose, then this was the cause of the problem. If the nut was tight and you hear any leakage, then the problem is not there.


These are not the only causes of your toilet making noise randomly or making a loud noise. There’s still a faulty fill valve for one and many more causes. If you can’t detect these causes, then you have to engage an expert.

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