Travel: Food Destinations To Visit

Travel: Food Destinations To Visit

Food is one of the best things in life and so is travel, so naturally planning your next holiday around food that you can eat can make for an amazing experience filled with great memories. I love to eat when I travel and naturally some places are better than others when it comes to the food stakes. Instead of thinking about how I can get cheap flights, I think a lot about the food that I can find in my ultimate destination Here are some of my favourite places to visit for the food.


India is a land of things to eat as well as things to do and Indian food is world famous for its aromatic flavours, spices and deliciousness. The food also varies greatly from region to region, so there is always something new to try, but it always seems to be extremely delicious and it doesn’t matter if you decide to book online hotels in Rishikesh or find yourself in the middle of the street in Delhi, there will always be something delicious for you to eat.

In the south you are much more likely to find foods based around lentils and rice, compared to bread (such as naan or roti) in the north. The northern Indians also tend to eat more curries. Garam Masala is also the spice of choice for northern Indians and has more of a nutty flavour than the spicier spice mixtures of the south. In the north, your meal is much more likely to end in a chai tea, but in the south they would normally drink a special kind of coffee.



Italian food is known the world over for its freshness, quality and taste. In fact, it is probably the number one place to visit for food tourism. The Italians from the north tend to eat a different diet to those of the south and they favour things like polenta and rice rather than pasta (although they still love it and eat it frequently).

Naples is the place to visit for pizza and the combination of the climate (to make the dough super chewy and tasty), the extremely hot woodfire oven, San marzano tomatoes (grown in the volcanic soils of Mount Vesuvius), fresh basil and the buffalo mozzarella makes for one of the tastiest pizzas that you can ever try. They are also not so expensive too in Naples, so you can eat it day and night! The Italians have also perfected their cheese and cured meats too. I would highly recommend trying a nice bresaola, prosciutto or salami. The Italians just know how to cure meat and the taste is absolutely delicious.

Coffee is also a way of life in Italy and if you love coffee, you are definitely in for a treat, because the Italians make (arguably) the best coffee in the world. Their dedication can be seen in the well loved coffee machines they use and the endless cafes that can be seen in every city and town. There are, however, some rules about coffee in Italy and you can read about them here.



Mexico is for me a very interesting place for food, in particular the food from the Yucatan peninsula. This is the good that we all imagine when we think if Mexican food., For example tacos and burritos. This food has been heavily influenced by the Mayan people of the Yucatan peninsula, in particular with many modern dishes containing roast pork. Pibil was pork cooked by the Mayans in a pit that generated steam and heat that is very similar to a slow cooker in the modern era. This can be seen in things like burritos or tacos, where the meat is still prepared in a similar way. The native spices and chilis of the area also mean great hot sauces that are simply amazing. There are many other regional cuisines in Mexico to try, but this blog post is definitely too short to talk about all of them. Naturally, the hot climate in Mexico makes for some great fruit and vegetables and this adds to the flavour of the food. You can find many exotic fruits at many street stalls and these are also a great refreshment in the mexican heat. The juices are also a nice option.



Japan has some of the best Asian food on the planet and in my opinion it is just unlike any other food that you can eat. The attention to detail and preparation that they put into their food is something to truly marvel at. Whether it is the extremely thinly sliced Japanese seaweed or the sesame seeds that are meticulously placed on the food the Japanese have a purpose for everything that they do. Sushi is one brilliant example of Japanese food and one of my personal favourites. Everything is bite sized and intended to be eaten in bites. The Japanese would never serve a huge piece of meat like you would find in the Western kitchen.

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