Why we chose to travel in Australia

Why we chose to travel in Australia

We moved to Australia from New York just over 2 years ago and it has honestly been one of the best decisions that I have ever made. Life ‘down under’ has been so much better to us than how we had it before and I would recommend living here to anyone. Since I have moved here I have lost count of the amount of people who have asked me why, and what was it about Australia that drew us here. If you are wondering what the benefits are of living in Oz, I wanted to share with you my reasons for loving life so much here.

The Weather

The snow and the fall in New York might look pretty but it became a real pain and I am not someone who really enjoys being cold. This is something that made Australia the perfect choice and the weather here is eternally perfect, even in their winter the sun shines down on us all, just perfect.

The Ocean

I have always loved being near water and having the ocean so close to where we live just makes me happier altogether. I love the scene that surrounds the ocean and each weekend almost everyone gravitates towards it to spend time with they family and friends.

Fresh Air

One of the biggest problems with living in a big city like New York was the polluted air that we were constantly breathing in. This was not something that I’d particularly thought about much when living there but since I escaped to Australia, I have really noticed the difference. Australia has some of the lowest pollution in the world and you can really feel the benefits of breathing in clean air.


The only nature which we ever saw in New York was the squirrels in Central Park and since we have come out here, we have been taking in as much nature as we possibly can. Just an hour’s drive from our home is a huge and expansive national park which we spend a great deal of time in. There is so much natural beauty here and you can see for miles and miles, just another reason why I love it down here so much, and so do the kids.

Job Opportunities

Finding work in NYC was tough, at least the type of work that I was interested in yet coming down here has significantly changed all that. Things seem to function that bit better in Australia and the jobs market is really pumping which means that there is plenty of opportunity for workers in a variety of professions.


I don’t want to get political but Obamacare did absolutely nothing for us and the healthcare system in Australia just works. The premiums here are very reasonable and the hospitals and doctor’s clinics are exceptional. Thankfully we haven’t had too many dealings with the medical teams here in Oz but I am more than confident in them for when something might happen.

Have you visited Australia before? What was your favorite place? Let us know in the comments below.

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