Yellowstone National Park – just wow!

Yellowstone National Park – just wow!

I had wanted to go to Yellowstone National Park ever since I saw a program about it when I was younger and last year I finally realized my dream. This is a truly rare national park given its volcanic properties and the week which I spent there was absolutely filled with wonder, amazement and excitement, all in equal measure. Because I had hyped this place up so much in my mind for so many years, I had worried that it amy be a disappointment or that it wouldn’t live up to its billing, how wrong I was. Here are just a few reasons why Yellowstone was everything that I had hoped it would be.


The geysers in Yellowstone are the biggest attraction and they are truly amazing to watch as they spew water out high up into the air. The geysers are a result of volcanic pressure below the earth which forces liquid up through the Earth’s crust and into the sky above. The geysers go off pretty regularly so if you are spending a few days in the national park then you have a very good chance of seeing them.

Muddy Volcanos

These mud eruptions are almost more spectacular than the geysers and you can hear them happening from almost a mile away. These are not actual volcanos but rather eruptions of gasses which take place that force the mud and water out from the ground. I knew nothing about this phenomenon before I visited Yellowstone and they provided a spectacular surprise.

Rivers Meeting

In the south of the national park you can see something which you are unlikely to find in too many places across the world, three rivers meeting their end. The Missouri river is the largest of the three and it meets up with the Snack river and the Yellowstone river in a beautiful collection of waterfalls and deep wells.


The wildlife with you will find in Yellowstone is incredible and for this reason, the kids will absolutely love it here. During our trip we spotted bison, elk, coyotes and wolves, unfortunately or perhaps fortunately, we did not run into any grizzly bears but there are plenty of them about. It was so nice to see these animals in their natural habitat and not stuck behind a cage inside a zoo. If you love to see animals then you will absolutely adore Yellowstone National Park.

Fossil Forests

In total there are 12 fossil forests in the national park and they make for a really interesting sight. These fossil forests exist as a result of several volcanic explosions which have taken place down the years and they offer a fascinating insight into the history of the park. In the north west corner of Yellowstone, where you will find the fossils, you can also see the incredible Amethyst Mountain, which towers above you and perches on top of the fossil forests which you can find.

If you have been considering going to Yellowstone then go ahead and do it, it is truly an amazing place to spend some time.

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